Blizzard shuts down I-90 in central Washington

Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee declares a state of emergency.
(The same Jay Inslee who is foolishly running for president with global warming being his single-issue focus.)

“Heavy snow can be expected through Saturday morning as a storm continues to dive southward and parallel the Washington and Oregon coastlines,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rossio said.

Travel could be difficult to impossible across parts of Oregon, Washington and California through Saturday as roads will be entirely snow covered, Rossio said.

“The cold will also be dangerous, said Rossio. “Temperatures through Saturday night will run 10-20 degrees below normal.”

2 thoughts on “Blizzard shuts down I-90 in central Washington”

  1. Let me predict the future:

    Huge snow falls shuts down mountain towns, mountain roads and passes, and the Interstates everywhere except I-10.

    Seattle is buried n snow and then the Cascadia Fault goes and there is no way to get people in, or out, of the areas, for weeks.

    The New Madrid Fault ruptures and now there is no oil shipment to the North East by pipeline. Since the rivers in the North East are all frozen, along with the Great Lakes, shipping comes to a halt across most of America.

    The only traffic is I-10 and it is backed up for miles and miles.

    Snow keeps falling and there is a horrible shortage of everything since everything travels by car, truck or train. Forget about Airports. Everything North of Tallahassee is snowed in and all flights STOP.

    Ever notice how quiet it is when it snows. Deathly Quiet.

  2. Almost, permantly frozen Great lakes will be teaversed by Ice Road Truckers. New ice sheet will force population to consolidate at 40 degrees latitude and below.

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