Blizzard!! The Great White Hurricane – Review

My review of the new book Blizzard!! The Great White Hurricane, by Timothy Minnich.


I made the mistake of reading this book over the holidays, and became so engrossed that I got out of bed twice on Christmas Eve just to read a few more pages.

Written by long-time meteorologist and atmospheric scientist Timothy Minnich, Blizzard!! The Great White Hurricane, is a must read for anyone interested in history or climate.

This captivating novel describes the circumstances leading up to the truly historic blizzard that pummeled the eastern seaboard of the United States beginning on March 11, 1888. The blizzard, arguably the greatest blizzard to ever strike the United States, killed more than 400 unprepared souls, 200 in New York City alone.

The word “unprepared” doesn’t begin to describe the chaos. Remember, there was no National Weather Service at that time, and thus no warning whatsoever – none! – of the impending disaster. No radios, no TVs, no cars, no trucks, no snowplows, and only the rich could afford electricity or primitive telephones.

But the rich suffered along with the poor.

Electric and telegraph lines went down, trains and buildings were buried beneath snowdrifts 30–40 feet (9–12 m) deep from New York to New England. Many three-story houses were totally covered, with some drifts measuring more than five stories deep (more than 50 feet). The streets became impassable (no surprise), with no way to deliver fresh food, milk, or coal for heat.

Fire stations were immobilized, and property loss from fire alone was estimated at $25 million (equivalent to $710 million in 2020).[1]

According to Minnich, although the hero and his love interest (yes, it’s also a love story) are fictional, the events and descriptions, even the language, are as much as possible historically accurate, as is the depiction of New York City life in the late 1880’s.

I loved this book, and think you will too.

If you click here Timothy Minnich Blizzard!, you can read a chapter.

You can purchase the paperback version (or the eBook) at the same link.

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    • What, with the current existential threat of global warming, it’s sure to happen. And it will be Trump’s fault.

  1. FYI – I paid for the ebook but it took me over 1 hour to figure out how to get on my ipad – never could get the epub to work without paying for another program

    I finally got the pdf version into the Books app – downloaded to PC then sent email to myself and downloaded on the ipad from the email. Had to look at Apple help to figure out how to get into books app from email.

    Next time will be easier when know how

  2. Sound like a good read Robert, I’l keep an eye out for it.

    Of course these days battery powered vehicles, windparks and solar cells will save the day 🙂
    Or more probably they would all become inconveniences and maybe hazards as we all try to survive.

  3. This was an incredible read and the images were portrayed vividly enough to take you there in your mind’s eye and imagine what it must have been like. This novel could and should translate to the big screen and would keep the theater goer riveted to their seats throughout the entire movie and I hope that it happens.

  4. I loved this book. I was sick with the flu for the entire Christmas season and ‘Blizzard!!’ was my companion and entertainment throughout. It actually made for a lovely holiday. I was happy to have time to relax and read this delightful, riveting and exciting book, interwoven with wonderful, real characters and great human interest. I literally could not put the book down but toward the end I tried to slow my reading as I did not want it to end!
    It is beautifully Written and flows smoothly. It pulls you in and you are there, living this amazing, historical drama. It is a “Bigger than life book” and would make a fantastic movie!! I just wish the book had been even longer. I am looking forward to Mr. Minnich’s next book!

  5. I am in the process of re-reading this book and all of a sudden it hit me. Roland Emmerich should be the one to make this book into a movie. I think back to “The Day After Tomorrow” and can visualize it perfectly.

    • Funny you should say that. My wife and I have seen that movie a total of five times and we absolutely loved it. I totally agree that Emmerich would be perfect! If anyone has an “in” with him or a good idea on how to get his attention, please do tell.

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