Blizzard warnings into NW Texas!

Six to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm) of snow. Power outages may occur.

National Weather Service Amarillo TX
1214 PM CDT Sun Apr 30 2017

Cimarron-Dallam-Hartley – Including the cities of Boise City, Keyes, Dalhart, Hartley, and Channing


* Accumulations…Storm total snow accumulations of 6 to 12 inches expected, with the highest amounts along the extreme northwest Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle.

* Winds/Visibility…Winds gusting as high as 70 mph will cause whiteout conditions due to blowing snow.

* Impacts…The potential exists for very difficult to impossible driving conditions due to reduction in visibility along with slick roadways. North winds 30 to 40 mph with higher gusts will cause drifting of snow and reduced visibilities.

Power outages may occur.

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7 thoughts on “Blizzard warnings into NW Texas!”


    The fact this is happening on the last weekend of April may leave you wondering how unusual this is.
    Given the High Plains’, well, higher elevation, big spring and fall snowstorms are normal.
    However, the snowfall totals we’ve seen so far from Ursa are quite unusual for this late in the spring.

    Up to 39 inches of snow in parts of Colorado, 23 inches for Wyoming.

  2. Sure a far cry from those people 20 years ago who told us that snow and cold would be a thing of the past by now in mid winter! Mind you, this is the end of April in Texas.
    It should be noted that even if the ocean around Key West were frozen and 5 feet lower, they would blame it on man made climate change! (sure it’s your fault)
    Whenever it gets hot in summer, they blame it on global warming caused by SUV’s. (again your fault!)
    Since they want to have it both ways, it wouldn’t matter to
    them. Next they’ll find a way to blame low solar activity on humans just like they blamed hurricane Katrina on the government.

  3. Unusual yes but not unprecedented….Joe Bastardi had this forecasted a couple weeks ago. There was a similar storm that struck this area in April of 1976. The weather pattern was even colder than now in the Plains they had gotten snow as far south as El Paso, Texas. Conversely while that was happening it was in the 90s F in places like Pittsburgh, PA in 1976. It was in the 80s in the Northeast this past weekend with this storm.

  4. While virtually no weather event is ‘unprecedented’ if the records exist and you take the time to look, the main point here is that we were told that events like these would be a thing of the past due to global warming. Ryan Maue is suggesting that April saw global temps drop by 0.5C while the northern hemisphere dropped by a huge 1C, which pretty much wipes out the El Nino rise that so excited the warmists while they did anything but say what caused it was a natural event.

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