Blizzard Watch for New York City

The National Weather Service issued a blizzard watch for the five boroughs today, in effect from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon.

About four to eight inches of snow is expected in and around the city, but higher totals are possible.

Areas south of the city could receive over a foot (30 cm) of snow.–snow-and-strong-winds-expected-on-saturday.html?cid=twitter_NY1

4 thoughts on “Blizzard Watch for New York City”

  1. “Everyone” knows that Blizzards and Snow events no longer occur (Its even been said that “ice” can no longer be found in your Refrigerator Freezer, I am currently headed for my Refrigerator to confirm this!) ?

    They are just the figment of your imagination !

    Additionally “everyone” knows that these events stopped happening approximately January, 2008 (Just before the Arctic Ice cap melted which were do to… “Global Warning [You were Warned) !!

    The “fact” is, never trust your own eyes, because they are not yet educated enough to determine what Blizzards/Snow/Ice look like because those meteorological events do “not” exist anymore; You are living in the past !!!

    So let me educate you on what your non-educated, pre Al Gore minds are synthesizing ??

    It is a well known “fact” that low level cyclonic activity (High level also died some time around…, January, 2008!) weather systems often produce large level “sand” storms that when accompanied by winds exceeding…, 25mph (Meters Per Hour) cause the sand to look just like snow that when melting, looks just like ice !!!

    Your “eyes” can be deceiving !

    Trust Me, I know !!

    [Intermission Time: Beautiful Princess Cruise ships are now providing Warm-Arctic Ocean cruises to the now “Tropical”, North Pole, with warm air, swimming, fishing and even Warm Arctic Ocean Water Skiing ! These Princess Cruises are only available from December 21 thru March 21, local restrictions may apply and occupancy is limited, apply now !]

    So may everyone enjoy some time out in the Sun, especially this weekend on the East Coast, and get use to it, because Warm, Sunny, no longer called Winter’s abound in “our” future !!!

    And don’t forget your #50 Tanning lotions, because even in the warm use-to-be-called Winters, UVB Rays can be detrimental to your health !

    This has been provided to you by the Obama/Gore education foundation, 2016.

    (Copyright provisions do apply)

    • hmmm… I wonder what those long clear things are I can see from my window?

      And what is that white stuff I see on the ground outside? Did somebody bust open a huge bale of cotton??

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