Blizzards, freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall in New Zealand

“Urban Greenies are frantically waving their arms and incessantly wailing,” says New Zealand reader.

“After weeks of NZ media frothing hysterically how ‘man-made climate change’ caused Harvey, and then Irma, in our very own backyard for the past 7 days we’ve had blizzards, freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall (over 2 metres in places), road closures and avalanches. Snowboarders and skiers are amped!

Many roads are completely closed, and on the ones that are open motorists are being warned to carry chains after heavy snow caused major disruption.

Thanks to Greg Salmond in New Zealand for this link

9 thoughts on “Blizzards, freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall in New Zealand

    • Every Anglo-Saxon Met Office is eyeball deep in record tampering.
      Why? because every senior manager with a degree which they have to have to get the job was educated by the same clutch of tenured professors which demand acceptance of the CO2 Green House Gas theory and no other.
      The same managers then hire the same type of people with the same type of degrees, educated by the same biased tenured professors untill desent is manged out of the organisation.
      The data is key, remove the inconvenient Medieval warm period, warm the LIA, smooth out the 1940s warm set of cycles and you have a very nice hockey stick graph. Ensure that the four main data sets used by climate research in AGW, Climate change etc. reflect the changes and nobody is the wiser, except that the weather reality doesn’t match the experience of the people on the ground. 2 meters of snow where there shouldn’t be any according to Gore is a hell of a reality check.
      This is the tenth year of change over from the ending of the Solar Warm Period in 2008 and the start of this Modern Grand Solar Minimum, the cold winters to come over the next 20 years are about to come sequential, it might warm up around 2056.

    • I gave up being programmed by TV years ago but still listen to simulcast news on the radio occasionally (to hear what’s NOT being said) and the fluffy weather girls get all excited about Hastings or Gizzy “scorching” on 23 degrees – in a roaring nor’wester – while snow blizzards hammering the Alps are “the odd spot of rain”. Australia’s mountains are now having their FIFTH blizzard of the season and all our media can squawk is that “Darwin’s a hot 32” or “Brisbane’s baking on 30” – not a mention of the record snowfall nor cold temperatures.

      Note: High Priestess of the UN IPCCrap, Christiana Figueres, is in Australia this week selling more of her snake oil (and hoping to snatch up some of that lithium out beyond the black stump). The day she gave her speech it was a lovely 33˚C [91˚ F] as a warm front loomed – our ever-subservient media reported “record heat in Sydney!” – without a mention of the coming blizzard which was pushing all that warm air ahead of it. The next day the temp dropped to 10˚ [50˚ F] overnight. Must be Trump’s fault, eh?

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