Blowing the man-made global warming argument out of the water

“Just 2 minutes of sunlight on earth is greater than all the energy we produce in one year. Whatever pittance of energy humans add to the heat balance equation is insignificant and not even measurable.”
– Yukon Jack

Blowing the man-made global warming argument out of the water

Yukon Jack

A question never discussed in the mainstream media is where did all the heat go from all that coal, oil, and natural gas burned? We burned quite a lot, like a trillion barrels of oil so far. One barrel of oil burned turns into 5,700,000 BTU’s and when you add it up it’s a really big number.

The amount of sunlight reaching the earth in just one day is so gigantic it dwarfs all energy use thus far. The actual numbers are quite incredible and never discussed because it blows the whole anthropocentric warming argument right out of the water.

What you are never told is that the sun’s energy input far outweighs anything man is doing. Just 2 minutes of sunlight on earth is greater than all the energy we produce in one year.

If the sun hiccuped we would freeze to death. Life on earth is sustained by sunlight and if we block the sun with nuclear winter or chemtrails we are dooming ourselves. Maniacs like Bill Gates who want to blot the sun out could wipe out our specie.

There are 525,600 minutes in one year. One MINUTE of sunlight is half of that what we consume in energy per year, so that means it would take 262,800 years of current fossil energy use to equal one year of sunlight. That daunting figure is the reason our energy use is insignificant to warming the earth. Whatever pittance of energy humans add to the heat balance equation is insignificant and not even measurable.

If you want a good way to understand how small earth is to the sun compare it to a 24″ beach ball, the earth is the size of a .22″BB. The sun is absolutely huge compared to the earth, and it is the energy from this raging ball of fusion that controls earths temperatures, not some trace gas in the atmosphere. CO2 concentrations are not changing the overall heat equation of earth. Sun inputs energy and earth loses heat to space. What we are doing makes no difference whatsoever to temp.

Whatever caused the earth to cool over the last 50 million years has not changed. Humans are not changing sun output, nor are they changing earth Milankovitch orbital cycles and tilt, thus the energy equation of earth temperature balance has not been changed.

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  1. If it wasn’t for the 78% Nitrogen gas in our atmosphere, we would have scorched our planet long ago.
    It is in constant agitation on our planet as the temperature on our surface is far warmer than the gas at rest at over minus 200 C.
    I suspect it to be one of our Sun’s major off gases.
    Hey, but that is just my own observations and experiments with plastic bottles and heat differences.

  2. For the record, in December 2017 Australian researcher Robert Holmes’ peer-reviewed Molar Mass version of the Ideal Gas Law definitively refuted any possible CO2 connection to climate fluctuations: Where GAST Temperature T = PM/Rp, any planet’s near-surface global Temperature derives from its Atmospheric Pressure P times Mean Molar Mass M over its Gas Constant R times Atmospheric Density p: Absent any carbon-factor, proportional CO2 is a non-issue. Meantime, over eighteen months through June 2019, Finnish researchers empirically replicated Holmes’ findings, independently verifying his result.

    More recently, Russian researcher Valentina Zharkova’s “Climate – Solar Magnetic Field” (C-SMF) hypothesis (October 2018), citing Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark’s 2005 “Cosmic Ray – Cloud Cover” model, provides historical proof-positive that –absent major astro-geophysical exigencies (axial and orbital precession, galactic orbit, solar magnetic fields; cometary/meteorite strikes, geothermal currents, plate-tectonic disposition, volcanism)– Earth’s semi-millennial atmospheric/oceanic circulation patterns reflect ambient Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) to the virtual exclusion of all else.

    Moreover, global temperatures have been trending downward for the past 3,300 years. If this continues, a looming 70+ year Grand Solar Minimum to c. AD 2100 –following Earth’s 500-year Little Ice Age from AD 1350 to 1850/1890 and its 140-year “amplitude compression” aftermath to c. 2030– likely portends geophysically induced (plate tectonic vs. climatological) 102-kiloyear Pleistocene glaciations up to 2½ miles deep.

  3. Area of earth sized disk intercepting sunlight =Pi*(6.378E6)^2=1.28E14 sq. meters
    Solar constant, S, = 1363W/m^2; reflectivity of Earth = 0.3
    Watts on earth surface=S*0.7*Area of earth disk=1.22E17Watts (Joules/sec)
    World energy use, IEA, 2015~5.5E20 Joules
    So, we need around 4,500seconds of solar energy on earth sized disk to equal yearly human energy use, not 120 seconds. Perhaps the title should be 2 hours of sunlight, not 2 minutes, exceeds all human energy used in one year.

    • You are right.

      How much energy falls on the earth from the sun?
      In a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in an year. To put that in numbers, from the US Department of Energy: Each hour 430 quintillion Joules of energy from the sun hits the Earth. That’s 430 with 18 zeroes after it!

    • And an expensive ring main around the earth in the tropical region to move energy to the dark side?

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  5. A great article, with some fine facts I’ll not neglect to feed the warmunnists, Yukon. A side of crow not even needed; they’ll be too busy choking on these facts alone.

  6. Climate “science” ignores the biggest terrestrial effect on climate by assuming it is basically a constant.

    The albedo is a major determinant on climate and it changes naturally all the time.

    If you do the maths and calculate the power of the Sun’s radiation at the top of the atmosphere you get a value approaching an average over a year of ~1368 W/m2 – NASA cite ~1361 W/m2.

    This is an average because the Earth’s orbit isn’t circular and the power varies from a calculated ~1316 W/m2 in the northern hemisphere summer to ~1408 W/m2 in the southern hemisphere summer (NH winter).

    If you want to see wild climate change stick around until this reverses – which it will.

    But if we assume the laws of black body radiation are correct then the top of the atmosphere power of the sun’s radiation at the minimum value of ~1316 W/m2 could cause a temperature of about 117°C. At 1408 W/m2 it could cause a temperature of about 124°C.

    Measurement of the temperatures of the Moon’s surface confirm that the Sun is easily capable of heating it to over 107°C.

    The reason it is less than calculated is albedo – the reflectiveness !

    I’m sure you’ll agree the Moon reflects a percentage of the light it intercepts.

    The Earth’s atmosphere reflects even more reducing the Sun’s power. Still, at the oft quoted value of 30%, the Sun’s radiation could theoretically cause a temperature close to 87°C.

    Sounds a bit higher than the gobbledygook minus 18°C NASA stupidly quotes doesn’t it ?

    So why doesn’t Earth get anywhere near these temperatures ?

    Water. Earth’s is 70% covered by the oceans. Water requires 4 times the energy input to heat up by 1°C.

    Also in the 1960’s and 70’s there was wide concern about acid rain caused by particulates from smokestacks and especially sulphates.

    Mankind reduced these and warming commenced again after the pause of the period when climate alarmists were predicting the next ice age.

    As is totally true sulphate particulates control a percentage of the incoming sunlight by reflecting it before it hits the ground – the volcanic eruptions of the past prove this beyond doubt.

    All of this indisputable evidence should surely demonstrate our atmosphere keeps us cooler than we would be without it – it doesn’t heat Earth beyond what the sun is capable of thus proving climate alarm gobbledygook.

    • Meant to add that the effect of sulphate particulates is indisputable because insane alarmists plan to use them to block sunlight as Yukon Jack rightly pointed out.

      I always find it funny that they claim a “powerful” effect for CO2 but their “fallback” position is to control the amount of sunlight reaching Earth’s surfaces.

      If the Sun can only cause minus 18°C on its own it is irrelevant surely ?

      Actually, the only thing irrelevant in climate alarm is the IQ of the gullibles !

  7. Too bad its so hard to harness all the suns energy easily.
    1 Square metre only equals 1.3kw. Solar panels only being 20% or less efficient so lucky to get 250 watts out of a square metre panel.

    All those fossil fuels harnessed the suns energy and stored them over a very long period.

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  9. Nice job ‘Yukon’.

    You forgot one easy calculation.
    How long would it take for the earth to reach absolute zero without the Sun?
    Assume a straight line function on a heat loss curve. At a drop of 20-30 degree for one night without the Sun, it would only take about 3.28 weeks for us to be as cold (-459.667 F) as intergalactic dust that is light years from any ‘central heating system’ called a star. 459/20 = 23 days. That’s pretty fast. Call it less than a year.


    • There is zero chance of Earth ever approaching absolute zero.

      Temperature and mass are intimately related and it is impossible to achieve the zero entropy point while mass exists naturally.

      This is why temperatures below 100 K are rarely observed in solids such as deep craters on the Moon never directly irradiated by the Sun.

      Even Neptune with a mere 1.508 W/m2 solar irradiance exhibits a temperature at 0.1 bar pressure of ~55 K at a gas density of 0.45 kg/m3.

      At its core Neptune exhibits temperatures in excess of 7000°C which is totally unexplainable by the solar radiation or greenhouse gas theory (or as I like to call it gobbledygook).

  10. They won’t know what snow is, next chapter

    Four metres’ of snow in three weeks at ski centre
    The operators of a Scottish snowsports centre say they are enjoying the best snow conditions in six years.

    Glencoe Mountain estimates about 4m (13ft) of snow has fallen over the past three weeks and ski lifts and equipment huts have been partially buried.

    Recent heavy snowfalls across Scotland’s mountain areas followed a winter largely marked by mild weather and little snow.

    I think French Alps have had similar amounts recently and a metre forecast for Massif Central this afternoon

  11. Maniacs like Bill Gates who want to blot the sun out could wipe out our species.

    Bill Gates and his allies probably think they could protect themselves in the process and when the sky clears they will be the only people around and they expect to inherit the earth.


    The Russian icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn has been stuck for days in unexpectedly thick Arctic sea ice. She was on her way to support the MOSAiC expedition –a crew of “climate change experts” aboard the Polarstern who intentionally marooned themselves near the North Pole at a cost of $158 million to document an Arctic Winter (see full article here)— but now requires assistance herself, and a THIRD icebreaker, the Admiral Makarov, departed from Murmansk on March 3.

    Dozens of scientists and environmentalist from 20 nations boarded the German icebreaker RV Polarstern back in July, 2019 on a year-long voyage to ‘study the impact of climate change on the Arctic and how it affects the rest of the world‘ — the MOSAiC expedition.

    Both are Non Net Zero ships powered by Hydrocarbons.
    Not a lot of AGW arount at present:

    The Dranitsyn reached the Polarstern on Feb 28 — its route traversing the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean in some of the most inclement weather conditions on Earth; temperatures regularly held below -30C (-22F), with windchills clocked as low as -58C (-72F).

    As reported by, perennial ice, ice, snow, and strong compression made it difficult for the ship to move. From time to time, she had to wait for improvements in wind and ice conditions, rebuild the optimal safe route and bypass heavy ice sections. On such days, Captain Dranitsyn traveled less than 20 miles (32 km).

  13. Only the meek shall inherit the earth, so Bill Gates and his ilk are SOL. (I guess they thought it meant the sun.)

  14. It was never about global warming, it was about brainwashing the West to crash their own system by cutting fuel use with Communist China in charge of the UN Agenda 21 program.
    China is exempt and they burn the fuel and use cheap labor to produce goods and sell to the West . Simple demographics.
    Once the west’s economy crashes, they take over. It’s a trick, a communist plot. Yes they used fake math and the masses bought it, they control education! They control the media !
    Whole new ball game now since China launched a bio weapon and the global financial system is imploding. The bubble is 40% bigger than ’08 so it will be that much bigger of a pop. They never fixed the FWMDs, they’re BIGGER now!

    In weather news, lowland snow this weekend here, not good boating weather.

  15. The sun is really huge and it is hard to actually understand how big it is. 93 million miles away and you can really feel it’s heat on a summer day – and that is about half of what gets through our atmosphere.

    From what I find on the web 1.3 million earths could fit inside the sun, or you could line up 2,000 earths along the sun equator. Can a person really visualize this?

    Let’s say I took out a piece of notebook paper and drew a big circle then along the center line made 2,000 dots with my pen. Could I actually fit 2,000 dots in 9.5 inches?

    Well let’s see, 9.5 inches is 241.3 mm. Divide that by 2,000 and I get 0.12 mm.

    How big is a pen dot on paper? Well a 0.5mm ballpoint pen is 0.5 mm. So the answer is you can’t fit 2000 ballpoint dots across a 9.5 inch circle on notebook paper.

  16. The Man made Global Warming belief, be it wrong or right, in no way includes any consideration of the amount of energy used by humans. That amount, as indicated by the article, is too small to even be a rounding error of the estimate of how much energy Earth receives by the sun.

    AGW is completely and only oriented to the greenhouse gas hypothesis, i.e. how much of that incoming solar energy ir retained rather than simply radiated away to space again.

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