Some blueberry plants had icicles two feet long

Freeze hits North Carolina blueberry and peach farms

Blueberry farmers have been trying to protect their crops by spraying water on them. If the plants are kept wet, they will stay about 32 degrees, said Taylor Williams, a Cooperative Extension agent in Moore County,

Some blueberry plants had icicles two feet long, said Williams.

Carey Horrell near White Lake sprayed his 400 acres of blueberries with water on Wednesday night. By Thursday morning the plants had 10- to 12-inch icicles, said Horrell.

Horrell doesn’t know yet how much the cold hurt his blueberries, but “it looks like a 30 percent loss, maybe more.”

Some varieties of peaches might be a total loss, while others might have survived.

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  1. not a late frost but an early flowering he said..
    theyre in that zone that got the warmspell i guess?

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