Bluebird of Happiness


Bluebird of happiness, my arse!  Do I look happy??

Bluebird of Happiness - Photographer Unknown

Bluebird of happiness, my arse!  Do I look happy??  It’s Friggin’ Freezing.  There’s snow up my arse, all the food’s covered with 3 feet of this white crap, and you want me to sing?  What??  Anne Murray’s “Snowbird”?  Piss Off!!  Next year, I’m flyin’ to Jamaica!!

Thanks to Thomas O’Hara for this commentary on global warming.

This is what the bluebirds in Connecticut and Massachusetts were saying on Halloween.

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    • Actually,acccording to my ornithologist husband, that’s the Mountain Bluebird :^) Apologies! However, I suspect even they are packing their suitcases as extreme winters will drive them south.

  1. One can see that bird wishes it was still a mighty dinosaur and could make a nice warm lunch of the photograper.

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