Boeing suffers 2nd consecutive month with zero airline orders

Nothing to do with the climate, but I find this interesting because I recently relocated from the Seattle area.


“Boeing has gone two straight months without booking an airplane order from an airline,” reports KOMO News.

“And deliveries of new planes are continuing to slow down as the pandemic cripples air travel and Boeing’s 737 Max remains grounded.”

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‘Not just a 2020 issue’: Suppliers brace for further downturn as Boeing cuts outlook
Boeing warns that demand for new aircraft will be reduced for years due to the effects the pandemic has had on air travel,


Boeing says pandemic will cut demand for planes for a decade
Chicago-based Boeing, which along with Europe’s Airbus dominates the aircraft-building industry, has seen orders and deliveries of new planes crumble this year.


Boeing to shut down 787 Dreamliner production line in Everett
Assembly line will likely close by mid-2021, according to the company’s best estimate.

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11 thoughts on “Boeing suffers 2nd consecutive month with zero airline orders”

  1. Go long on BA as long as we’re still in Wonderland. Soft kill chemtrail tanker planes and expensive high tech war birds are still needed.

  2. I am not surprised with the fact that the MAX was a bomb and all the issues cropping up on other jets they have produced, making buyers question quality. Add the fact that people are restricted so much by the “scamdemic” and since you have to “tested” to fly, with the false positives in all the testing sets, even if you feel healthy, you have to question the wisdom of flying.

    The cards are heavily stacked against air right now, so this makes sense. And when people find that there are a lot of interesting places within driving range to visit, it may never come back since the prices of flights will have to go up to recoup some of the losses.

    An interesting statement in this post was “Chicago-based Boeing, ” as I thought they were Seattle based. Did they move HQ to get away from the west coast madhouse?

  3. I am surprised that any sane person – or business – is still keeping any offices / factories open in the greater Seattle area. You are now looking at the Detroit-ization of Seattle.
    Boeing’s woes are entirely self-imposed, thanks to the massive scandal of the 737 MAX, a plane described by one of Boeing’s own engineers as “…designed by clowns, who are in turn supervised by monkeys…” Yep, there’s praise for one’s own products for you.

  4. not having so many planes in the air is rather nice
    quieter cities and cleaner skies
    and less Covid influx as a bonus.
    whats not to like?;-))

  5. The FAA is complicit.
    They give final approval to fly a new model.
    Suspect Boeing has been in bed with Big Government through the IMF and Government subsidies.
    Now the FAA has washed their hands of their own incompetence.

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