Bolivia – Lack of fodder threatens more than 100,000 animals

15 Aug 2015 – More than 100,000 animals (llamas, alpacas, vicunas and sheep) and require immediate attention – especially fodder.

In addition to food, they need water, vitamins and fortifying.

In the Andean region of Cochabamba “we have 3,122 affected families in four municipalities and 3,500 animals killed by the snowfall,” said Guery Fernandez, head of Agricultural Risk Management Unit of the Interior (UGR) .

The four municipalities affected by snowfalls that occurred two weeks ago are Tapacarí, Tacopaya, Independencia and Bolivar.

In the municipality of Tapacarí some 1,495 families were affected and 661 dead animals (llamas and sheep). In Tacopaya 505 families affected and 1,295 dead animals.

In the town of Independencia snowfall affected 570 families, dead animals were not recorded.

In the municipality of Bolivar 522 families were affected and 1,544 animals died in the snow.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link