Bomb cyclone hits Syracuse, New York – Video

Heavy Snow & Lots Of Accidents – 7 Feb 2020

“Near blizzard conditions will develop high ground Pa/WVA to Northern New England, Surface pressure of storm near 28.70 by evening, Cat 3 on my snow scale.” (chief meteorologist JB)

Pressure reached 28.70 – similar to a cat 3.

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this video

9 thoughts on “Bomb cyclone hits Syracuse, New York – Video”

  1. Doesn’t the Weather Channel name winter storms anymore ? Does a snow storm have to hit downtown New York to qualify for a PC name ? Snow in the SE yesterday, doesn’t deserve a name ?
    Guess it would look bad for them the third time through the alphabet by March,

    Sea surface temp anomalies looking very different from 2015:

  2. Another bomb cyclone, tornados in DC , etc.

    Where did all this energy suddenly appear from ? Might there have been a solar wind storm ? Yes:

    If our mag shield was 20% stronger instead of 20% weaker would this bomb dot com cyclone have formed? Or was it from climate change, which it will get blamed on and will ultimately be Trump’s fault.

  3. There was an avalanche that hit a parking lot at Alta burying cars. There’s video of it too. Avalanches might jumpstart glaciers. Snow gets really deep and dense really fast. It’s probably happening in Glacier National Park right now too.

  4. Who or what dropped this “bomb”.
    Anyone or anything using theses descriptions is usually full of BS. Can’t be bothered reading them.

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