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Are you aware that glaciers are growing in the United States … and around the world?

In this 75-minute DVD of a talk I gave at the Grand Opening of the Portland Preparedness Center, I tell you where those glaciers are growing.

I also discuss the ice-age cycles (yes, there are several), and explain why the next beat of each of those cycles is now due.

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Note: Many countries require the Phase Alternating Line (P.A.L.) version of the DVD in order for it to work properly. I have a list of those countries, and will send the P.A.L. version if your country is on that list.

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4 thoughts on “Ice Age Now – The DVD

  1. When people preach global warming, everyone invests in green jobs, products and industries….what do you think the reverse will be for mini or prolonged ice age arrival?

  2. happy new year and give thanks to GOD ABOVE for the wonderful weather in central nj. in 1956-57 Freehold , nj winter total was 131.5 inches of snow. roland of windsor, 732-994-5414.

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