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Not by Fire but by Ice
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Are You Prepared?

Obviously something serious is happening politically, economically, geologically and environmentally. How you prepare for these changes will determine your well being in the very near future.

And it is about the future — your future.

Are you ready?

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It is our individual responsibility to get ready and be prepared for any emergency that may come our way. We have already seen that no group or agency is standing by to come and “save” us.

This book and these DVDs will assist you in preparing for almost any emergency that may come your way.

In response to the need to get ready, Uncle Richard with the Survival Center developed two resources to assist you.

The first is:
Basic Preparedness, a book designed for those just getting started, is also a valuable resource for the already prepared. This is where most start learning what to do and how to do it.

This is a “how-to” manual that almost takes you by the hand and leads you through the basic steps of preparedness for almost any emergency that may come your way. This one book covers the basics plus more.

The first four basics for successful survival are:

1. Food
2. Water
3. Medical
4. Shelter

This easy-to-read “how-to” book addresses all of these needs in the first four chapters with easy to understand, simple instructions. The ensuing chapters cover the basics of shelter, grain usage and storage, food processing, homesteading, alternative energy, self-defense, and sovereignty for a self-sufficient life style – plus an index and glossary. Also included are essential food and household recipes for self-sufficiency, such as bread, making deodorant, soap, laundry soap and toothpaste.

This book is a one-volume library of survival information
that should stand beside the dictionary and cook book on every home reference shelf.
Keep this book handy, it could save the lives of you and your family.
– Richard Noone, lecturer and author of the
& book 5/5 2000…Ice the Ultimate Disaster

The second resource is:
The 3-DVD Preparedness Home Study Course

Why is this home-study course so important? Because it shows you how to save valuable time and money. It takes the guesswork out of being prepared.

If you are really, really serious about being prepared for whatever may come your way, and want to be prepared to be on your own for extended periods of time, then this 3-DVD series and the book Basic Preparedness are “must haves.”

Hurricane Sandy is an awesome reminder that when emergencies
happen, prepared people survive.

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Order Basic Preparedness, the 3-DVD” series (6 hours) home study course, along with the book Basic Preparedness (200 pages), for only $46.00 plus $4.95 shipping in the USA (Canada and other countries quite a bit more).

An American Classic

Basic Preparedness, the book, is an American Classic.

And now Basic Preparedness, the 3 DVD Home Study Course, takes
you inside the “secret” whys and how-to’s of preparing to be on your own for extended periods of time.

Why is this home-study Course so important? Because it saves you valuable time and money. It takes the guesswork out of being prepared.

Learn how to be prepared if you’re laid off or lose your employment. Learn how to make sure you and your family can eat and cover some of the basic necessities ahead of time.

This is the one thing you want to have to help you get ready
– T. S. Olympia, WA

This 3 DVD home-study course is a 6-hour overview of the why’s and how-to’s of getting prepared, and was filmed before a live class. It’s the only one of its kind!

You have to want to be prepared for whatever may come your way, and you have to want to survive.

The book Basic preparedness is used as the text book for classes on basic preparedness.

The 3-DVD home-study course Basic Preparedness is six hours long, and contains 12 sections.

The DVD Chapters are:

1.   Introduction
2.   Children
3.   Bird Flu & Pandemics
4.   General Preparedness
5.   Food Storage
6.   Grain Mills
7.   Water, Water Storage, Water Filters
8.   Home Canning
9.   Medical – Kits & Supplies
10. Mini Field Trip
11. Self Defense
12. Shelters, Above & Below Ground

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Order Basic Preparedness, the 3-DVD series (6 hours) home study course, along with the book Basic Preparedness (200 pages), for only $49.00 $46.00 plus $4.95 shipping in the USA (Canada and other countries quite a bit more).

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