Bosnia declares state of emergency

Hundreds of people trapped in their homes and vehicles.

Bosnia declared a state of emergency after more than three feet (one meter) of snow fell in Sarajevo on Saturday, closing roads and public transportation.

“This is unbelievable. I can’t remember snow like this in the past 30 years, said Mirsada Mitrovic, a resident of Sarajevo. “Maybe when I was a child, but since then nothing like this.”

The state of emergency proclamation ordered men who own shovels or vehicles big enough to plow snow to help the city clear the streets, especially ones leading to hospitals.

Meanwhile, efforts were under way to rescue hundreds of people trapped on snow-covered highways.

In Montenegro, rail services are at a standstill, and Rome woke up to its second snowfall in two days on Saturday —  4 inches (10 cm). Some residents used government-distributed shovels to clear sidewalks and piazzas.–europe-paralyzed-by-snow-bosnia-declares-state-of-emergency

3 thoughts on “Bosnia declares state of emergency

  1. Glad to hear that the sheeple are actually raising a few blisters and taking it upon themselves to clear their streets. I was in New Orleans during Katrina and Wilma and I was disgusted by the number of able bodies that would not do a thing to help themselves or their neighbors.

  2. amazing how fast its all falling over isnt it?
    warm spells may be a nusiance but in comparison a warmer incident doesnt have the entire nation/state/country at a standstill like severe cold, snow ice does.
    There really IS a big lesson to be learnt here, fast!
    I just bet if you asked Bosnians( and all the rest of EU right now) if they believe their worlds warming…and the Goracles perfectly correct…they may have a few unprintable comments on that:-)

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