Both Arctic & Antarctic Sea Ice Now at Historic HIGH Levels

Contrary to claims that modern day sea ice changes are “unprecedented”, alarming, and well outside the range of natural variability, biomarker proxies used to reconstruct both Arctic and Antarctic sea ice conditions since the Early Holocene increasingly reveal that there is more extensive Arctic and Antarctic sea ice during recent decades than for nearly all of the last 10,000 years.

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

According to Comiso Et Al., 2017, “Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Has Been Slowly Increasing Contrary To Expected Trends Due To Global Warming And Results From Coupled Climate Models.”

‘After A Record High Extent In 2012 The Extent Was Even Higher In 2014. … [T]He Trend In Sea Ice Cover Is Strongly Influenced By The Trend In Surface Temperature [Cooling].”

When you look at the graph above, you will see that the increase in Antarctic sea ice extent since 1979, no surprise, has coincided with a decline in southern ocean temperatures (graph below).

And when you look at the following graph, you will see that Arctic sea ice extent is higher today than it has been during most of the last 10,000 years.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent

Graph adapted from Yamamoto et al, 2017

Other Arctic reconstructions also indicate more extensive sea ice today than during most of the Holocene.

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10 thoughts on “Both Arctic & Antarctic Sea Ice Now at Historic HIGH Levels”

  1. Well, uh, I can explain. Let me explain for Dr. Gore:

    You’all know that HEAT makes things expand, right? Well, we all agree that the entire world is getting warmer, right?

    Well, this HEAT naturally will heat up the ice and that means, according to Dr. Gored Physical Laws, the ice, naturally, will get “bigger”…..HEAT makes things expand….duh……..the Ice will get larger thus giving the appearance of more of ti……thus the higher levels of ice.

    Duh, now, let’s get back to working so we can pay the carbon taxes……………….

  2. Makes perfect sense! So much for an ice free Arctic and Antarctic and so much for sea levels swamping the Appalachians by now!
    The left leaning Weather Channel will be waiting for a long time for that to happen.

  3. Turn up the heat or freeze and starve. Hoping for the latter. The sheeple have earned their just deserts.

  4. But perfectly understandable in a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) when you take into the account the 10 years change period from a high energy Solar Warm Period and the abrupt (in world climate terms) decent in to a GSM, which recorded to happen during every changeover from a warm period to a cold event.
    This modern GSM change over period proves in real time the conclusions of Swiss climate researchers investigating the LALIA, that it take ten years for the change over from Warm too Cold to be locked into the fossil record and their view of the climate was a change from the benign Solar Warm Period to a Cold, Wet and very Windy climate at least in Europe, and that is what we have.

    My response to the AGW fraudsters, Its the Sun Stupid!
    We have 1500 years at best to plan, and execute those plans, for the next major glaciation phase, time for the world to get their skates on!

  5. im laughing at 3c as warm seas.
    but this info also makes me think that those who DO know the growing extent, are the same ones now trying to run the warming oceans and mystery(not) thermal vents melting from a CYA move…
    look !!squirrels!

  6. Maybe someone ought to e-mail this very important story to
    The Weather Channel and Meet The Press!!
    Both of them have no credibility at all and never had any.
    I have long cancelled my cable TV service in the last decade because of the disgusting lies and politically correct garbage spitting out from these channels.
    No household in the USA needs any of that trash. That also goes for all the newspapers and magazines about this topic. Throw them all in the fireplace and make it quick before your children get contaminated by false information that snow is a thing of the past.
    It will save their life one day when it’s 35 below in a raging non-stop blizzard!

    Great job as always Bob!

  7. As the sun further weakens it is only logical that the poles will grow. Thicker and wider until ice is as far south as iceland, A little pun there. I started following Robert in 2008. From his books and his blog you can help but feel empowered over the poor fools that think the world is warming. Thank you Robert for enlightening us in a time I feel we will all unfortunately remember, if we don’t starve and freeze to death 1st.

  8. The difference between what is said and what is observed is caused by the deliberate adjustment of temperatures to protect the reputations of some very stupid people.

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