Brace for 45% rise in balsamic vinegar due to grape crop failures

“Italian agriculture already in trouble due to increasingly harsh winters, and droughts that signal the onset of Grand Solar Minimum conditions,” says reader Norman Grant Smith.

‘Genuine balsamic vinegar is made from grape ‘must’, the cooked juice of grapes traditionally grown in the Modena region of northern Italy, although there are now brands from other parts of the country and Spain,’ according to the Daily Mail.

‘But the whole region has been hit by a devastating crop failure because of a late spring frost followed by a very dry summer – a perfect storm of unfriendly conditions for farmers, said trade journal The Grocer.

‘The harvest this year has been a disaster,” says Marco Nodari of the Italian brand Mengazzoli. ‘Prices will change rapidly,’ says Nodari. An increase of 45 per cent is ‘not out of the question’.

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20 thoughts on “Brace for 45% rise in balsamic vinegar due to grape crop failures”

  1. First NOBODY needs “balsamic vinegar”. I’ve heard of it but really have no idea what it is. So who cares.

    You don’t even need grapes (GENETICALLY MODIFIED HYBRID HIGH FRUCTOSE CONTENT CANDIES). One needs absolutely no wine. So who cares.

    I’ll pay attention when they discuss grass-fed beef shortages, or when I can’t buy WILD caught Salmon.

    I eat ONLY green vegetable (which I can grow) and the above meats/fish ONLY. (This is the Jordan Peterson diet) and all other “foods” are damaging to our bodies.

    We will be healthier when we can’t grow Wheat, Corn, Oats, Barley and other intestinal damaging insect foods. When all Sugar Cain fields are converted to grass-feeding cattle fields, then we can begin to end the 30 OBESE American/70 FAT-overweight American sickness.

    No more fruits? EXCELLENT. No more Amber Fields of Gluten? Excellent.

    • Cattle have been domesticated for over 10,000 years. Wheat, rye, barley and other grains have been farmed for nearly as long, as has maize. Wine and its intoxicating benefit has been around just as long, although in your defense, no, we don’t “need” wine to live. But to pretend that those foods are destructive to us as human beings is to deny that we’ve evolved with them and therefore cannot claim they’re responsible for the obesity epidemic in America.

      If you want to blame something to explain the obesity epidemic, look no further that the automation and technological advances of the past 60 years that has reduced the caloric needs of human everywhere.

      • The foods we “adapted” to (really?) are NOT the same foods today. Are they even “food”?

        Each item you mentioned is drastically altered. Either selective breeding, unintentional selection (the farmer didn’t really know what he was doing), or intentional GMO.

        None of the today’s foods were “created” with nutritional concerns in mind. None. The “green revolution” that produced today’s deformed, un-natural, destructive “wheat” (10,000 varieties) were all designed for fast growth, efficient harvesting, mildew resistant, manufacturing purposes, longest shelf life, and taste..

        Not a single one was “designed” for human consumption.

        Today’s “wheat” is not wheat. It is a form of Play-doh designed for Duncan Donuts to fry at a particular degree. Same thing designed for Papa John’s Pizza (now called Mandela’s Pizza”). Sweet, browns crispy at a flash point while the interior stays soft and foamy………………

        Play-doh is made from Wheat, so why don’t people just pop it in the oven and back a nice Bagel and eat it? Why not?

    • Then you have missed a major point over climate change – hot or indifferent or cold.
      Plants and their success in growing, seeding and colonisation of new areas, or lack of success and dying back to be replaced by other species, or not, depends on the climate as to whether they can grow or not.
      Moss can grow anywhere providing it has a month above 0C to grow and spore. The more complex the plant, the more light, warmth and water it needs to grow, pollinate and fruit/seed.
      The animals and insects then predate plants in their three life stages. Your diet is that of a carnivore, yet without plants your food supply would not exist.
      One of the key plants that marks the southern edge of the arctic/temperate tree line and the temperate/tropical region of growth is the Vine and other marsh vines such as Beans, which are frost tender.
      At present the Grapes range is moving south again, or in Italy’s case to lower altitudes as the climate descends back into a GSM period of cooling, or commences the decent back into a glaciation stage like the Younger Dryas, or a full on return to a N Hemisphere glaciation. After all, the Younger Dryas was named after a flowering plant found growing in the tundra during those periods. Not a lot of food value in it, though.

  2. I’ll keep buying balsamic vinegar for my salads but I’ll pay more for it. Eventually I’ll be devoting a much larger percentage of my income to food. But what happens to the people with little or no income? They’ve most of the world.

  3. Australian Winter Temperatures Lowest EVER Recorded!

    Those conditions were the lowest temperatures that have been seen since the weather recording sites in each city were opened back in 1958.
    A cold snap that is extending across Australia’s eastern states has seen chilly weekend temperatures continue to drop even further this morning.

    New South Wales felt the brunt of the brutal wintry conditions, with the mercury in some areas around Sydney plummeting below zero throughout the night.

    Dubbo, in the state’s Central West, also recorded a record-breaking low yesterday as readings fell to -6 degrees – a minimum not seen in 78 years.

  4. the biggest ongoing problem?
    after prices get hiked for a real or faked shortage(like bread did after a bad harvest) the price RARELY if ever goes down to “normal” when supplies go back to normal
    FWIW i read that bread IS slated to rise( lol) again as someone somewhere had a bad harvest.
    global supply should mean this can be avoided but then someone couldnt profiteer!

      • i doneeat grass mate
        i eat grains
        and i dont subscribe to the present gluten lunacy theories -im sorry if that upsets you-
        if humans were so damn sensitive we’d have keeled over hundreds of years ago.
        the issue now is SPRAYTOPPED grains being polluted with either dry roundup residue still on them as theyre milled or even worse chem like Gramoxone!

        the gluten fads been a huge bonus for ripping the consumers off by industry however.

        our guts are designed to eat a wide variety of fresh /cooked/ UNprocessed food in the main, all have micronutrients and minerals etc our gut bacteria need
        removing an entire food group for some fad of the time isnt sensible or wise.
        everything in moderation;-)

      • “I eat ONLY green vegetable (which I can grow) ” This is from your message. In this case you admit that you’re bovine??

  5. What will vegans and others who live on fresh veggies and nuts do when there is a prolonged food shortage? Could be caused by natural disaster, war or climate change. I think they will be the first to go.

  6. Bovine were designed to eat grasses

    There you go, you don’t even know what a grain is. Amaranth is a grass grain as well but I bet you’re eating that, and quinoa as well.

    Blimey, get a clue. The French Revolution was begun largely in part to the unavailability of bread. It feeds billions of people the planet over, every day.

  7. oh ps
    home made vinegar from wine/
    simply take a bottle of any red or white wine that wasnt really nice…remove the cork/seal whatever
    put some gauze over the top so vinegar flies can get in but other bugs cant
    leave in a warmish place
    you’ll have vinegar(not balsamic though) in about 7 days
    Balsamic is lower acidity in theory..cant say i notice much difference EXCEPT in comparison to cheap nasty commercial “vinegar” made using acetic acid
    that!!! really is harsh and nasty to the mouth and ruins preserves etc

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