Brazil – Coldest June in Florianópolis in 115 years

Waterfalls frozen. “It’s very rare movement in water freezing in Brazil,” explained the agronomist of ClimaTerra Ronaldo Coutinho.

13 June 2016 –  Florianópolis has the largest cold in June of the last 115 years.

Urupema recorded on the morning of Monday, the 13th, the lowest temperature of the year in the state.

There is no shortage of cold records in Santa Catarina. In the early hours of Monday (June 13) Florianópolis recorded, according to the ClimaTerra, only 0.6 ° C. It was the lowest temperature recorded since the installation of the oldest weather station of the city, 115 years ago.

The capital of Santa Catarina had recorded 2 ° C in 1994. The expected for this time of the year would be minimal at least 10 ° C.

At dawn on Monday it dropped to -8.5 ° C in Urupema, in the hills, considered to be the coldest city in Brazil. According to the Meteorological Center of Santa Catarina, Epagri / Ciram, this is the lowest temperature of the last six years.

42 other cities had negative temperatures this week start. In Bom Jardim da Serram made -7.9 ° C; in São Joaquim, -5.7 ° C; in Union, -4.6 ° C; and São Bento do Sul, -4.4 ° C.

Moreover, it is the sixth consecutive day of frost, a phenomenon considered rare.

Waterfalls frozen

Not only are the gardens, the trees of the squares and the waterfalls of conservation parks frozen, many highlanders were without water over the weekend, which froze in the taps. The banks of the River Pelotas, in Bom Jardim da Serra with 50 meters wide, also turned to stone.

“It’s very rare movement in water freezing in Brazil,” explained the agronomist of ClimaTerra Ronaldo Coutinho.

Earliest winter in nearly six decades

The average temperature of the mountain is equivalent to December in New York. “Winter” surprised to have started earlier, on April 26, which did not occur for nearly six decades.

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  1. cue for the revival of the co2 causing ice age from the 70s I guess?
    countdown the days till they try it again.

  2. Just as New Englanders begin to head out to the beach in droves, Mount Washington was sprinkled with nearly four inches of snow on Sunday, putting the summit on pace for one of the snowiest Junes in history, officials said.

    Snow started to fall Sunday afternoon and changed into freezing rain after midnight, said Chris Legrow, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service station in Portland, Maine.

    The mountain has received 5.5 inches so far in June, Legrow said, the sixth most for the month. The June record is 8.1 inches, in 1959.

    It’s possible the mountain will get more snow Monday night, Legrow said. “We’re forecasting minor accumulation, but not enough to push them into the fifth-snowiest June,” he said.

  3. The last few years, we have noticed a lot of 50+ year cold records being broken. The broken records are not just “local”, they are happening all over the globe.

    Sorry Warmists, but “warm” does not make “cold”! (Maybe your “theory” needs some tweaking….)

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