Brazil freezes – Temps plummet to minus 8 degrees C

“Global ‘Warming’ has arrived,” says reader Martin Siebert. “Minus 8,8°C in SC-highlands.”


19 July 2017 – The intense cold that entered Brazil on Monday, July 17, caused extremely low temperatures in the South Region. For the second consecutive day was extreme cold.

All states recorded temperatures below freezing. The lowest temperature in Brazil on July 19 was negative 8.8 ° C in Bom Jardim da Serra followed with 7.5 ° C below zero In Urupema.

The temperature was also below zero in Greater Curitiba.

Table with the lowest temperatures registered.

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6 thoughts on “Brazil freezes – Temps plummet to minus 8 degrees C”

    • watch the enso charts on WUWT to see whats brewing la or el nina whatevers

      sth Am is in a stationary high it appears on nullschool earth
      same as eu n russia had and so did nth america.

      hell for a lot of your nation, the summers been pretty cold if not snowing.
      id say prepare for severely cold crappy weather
      if it doesnt happen you wont have risked as much as NOT preparing n losing more.
      wood /lpg/propane supplies dont go “off”
      summer sales for throwout winter gear at low prices is always handy too;-)

    • July should be 4th or 5th hottest on record. It appears an El Nino is trying to form and that would drop temperatures back to the hiatus level.

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