Brazil – From heat to freezing in two days

Possibility of snow in some areas

Rio Grande do Sul has issued a warning about the possibility of frost and negative temperatures “in various regions” of the state between Wednesday (13th) and Saturday (16th).

Temperatures became negative in several areas of the State, as in the Campaign, the Missions and the Serra Gaúcha. There is the possibility of snow in some places. According to residents of the interior of the state, in the Pampas region, where there is intense agricultural activity, people are frightened by the sudden variations in the climate and the ferocity of events.

This comes less than two days after several tornadoes devastated several cities in Rio Grande do Sul, leaving two fatal victims and thousands of dead animals, fallen wagons and destroyed houses and cars, where up until then temperatures had been in the 28 degree range at night. to Argiris Diamantis for these linksgeadas-e-neve/

Dawn with frost and Heavy frost and frost at -4.3ºC in São Joaquim.

Already has 15 days with minimal negative in SC with 39 days of frost in the top of the mountain. 23 municipalities with negative temperatures on Thursday.

*Detail: Maximum temperature forecast in this region is 6 – 8°C today.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis and Martin Siebert for these links

3 thoughts on “Brazil – From heat to freezing in two days”

  1. havent been looking but id bet theres an antarctic upsweep hitting em
    same as in sthn aus and travelling right up to qld!
    max temp today was 8c with bitter winds rain and 80+%humidity

  2. and there is some showing now but not hugely
    the section all along mid sth am coastlines got low temps though
    funy cos the lowest near tip areas are warmer

  3. Temperatura here in Curitiba doesn’t reach 10ºC for 48 hours. (With hight humidity)
    “Cloudy weather with light rain and drizzle day and night. Only lack of snow now for Winter season..”

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