Brazil – Historic cold wave on the way!

Forecast of Historical Cold for SC State (Santa Catarina) for the month of April!

24 Apr 2016 – Cold History SC path for the month of April!

The cold front starts to come tomorrow in SC. On Tuesday, a sharp drop in temperature during the afternoon / evening, at the top of the mountain may already be close to 3/5 ° C.

Violent polar mass … Thursday and Friday from -3/5 ° C in much of the state… Frost on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with damage to corn, soybeans and beans.

In high areas of the western highlands and even more on top of the mountain the minimum may be between -6 / -3 ° C at various points (over lowlands and valleys) which requires attention to agricultural machinery in relation to the freezing of water.

It may be one of the strongest cold wave in April in decades, and has a chance to break records lower minimum and maximum in several cities of SC.

A chance for snow on the highest points of the top of the mountain on Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this linmk

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  1. Everyone who posts to this site is obviously thinking about Ice Ages, so I wondered what you all do to prepare for such a event? Do you all prep? If so, how do you do it? I think it would be good to share thoughts on this. 🙂

    • Agreed. However, I recently heard that it’s best not to tell others what you’re doing…. The main issues, as I see them, are food, fuel, water, paper products, medications, and clothing.

      • Donna, I agree that it’s probably better not to tell your neighbours who most likely will think you’re a nutter until the cold sets in and they run out of supplies, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t discuss it on this forum. I’ve bought a generator, and have bought a whole load of matches, tinned food, and water. I also bought a huge load of logs as we have open fires in the house. I dread to think what folks who live in houses without fire places will do.

    • Agree, but there is no preparing for Ice age, only the onset now. If the major one is here we’ve already blown it. We should have been hauling Basalt & dirt to tropical zones for Agriculture instead of fighting all the time. I was a prepper, forY2k even though I knew we had most of it fixed. Still have solar panel, generator,fuel,propane, stainless hand grain mill, buckets of rice, beans & popcorn, staples,baking supply’s,paper products,first aid stuff and that smile remover when someone says, oh gee I’m coming to your house when the sht hits – plenty of different types of Ammo. Growing potatoes in buckets right now, just practicing, gardening like that takes a lot of supply’s & practice, get stuff now while you can, prepare for grid down, earthquakes or Volcano’s, and crop failure from cold. John Casey is now saying 2 yrs supply is good idea and I think that’s due to possible threat of a volcanic winter, they are watching a couple big one’s that are the most likely to erupt during this solar min. Once you have a supply depot it’s nice when you run out of something you use it as an emergency store, just replace it next time out, keeps things fresh too. Good luck.

    • The first thing I would do is check to see if where you live had ever been covered in ice before. I would be very concerned if I was living in some country where the entire country has been covered in glaciers in past Ice Ages. All of Canada and lots of northern Europe…. far as I can see. Don’t think that’s survivable without moving!

      In the US, it’s a plus that even though there are many states that could be entirely covered in ice… there are still other states within our own country that wouldn’t be covered so there is an option for internal migration.

  2. ???so this is a big upswelling from down sth I gather?
    must go see if I can find a global sat n see.
    our aus ones dont show much farther than tasmania:-(
    maybe Aus might also be in line for some cooling..been unseasonally warm east coast last 2 weeks. no rain:-(

  3. Argentina. April 27, 2016: Heavy snow left routes in the interior impassable.
    The road to Cuesta of the Portezuelo was closed as it was impossible to drive. There were landslides.
    Many towns in the interior province yesterday woke up covered in white, the product of intense snowfall during the morning and part of the morning. This caused most routes to become impassable, also because large fog banks were generated.
    From the Administration Provincial Road it reported that the area East Catamarque on Provincial Routes No. 2, 11, 13, 20, 21, 27, 29, 33 and 42 must travel with caution, whether by drizzles, as by fog, mud on the road or reduced visibility.
    The Andalgalá delegation of Provincial Highway Administration, meanwhile, said that due to the accumulation of snow in the upper area of ​​the Cuesta de la Chilca, since yesterday is momentarily interrupted traffic on Provincial Route 48, which connects the town of Aconquija with the departmental capital of Andalgalá. It is that in this area the snow had completely invaded the area of ​​the road, although not being paved the ground could absorb faster snow. At the same time, inclement weather affected the walkability of the Provincial Route No. 1 in the section between the Chacritas, Los Narvaez and Condor Huasi, so it is requested not pass through this sector. Another of the routes affected by the heavy snowfall recorded in the area is the Provincial Route 47, which links the provincial capital of Minas Capillitas Andalgalá with the district.
    Cuesta El Portezuelo: The large amount of snow fall yesterday on the hill Ancasti and strong winds that caused landslides and falling electric poles have caused the traffic on the Cuesta de El Portezuelo for all types of vehicles is prevented. According to reports from Civil Defense, from the place Los Mortars until passing Antennas was “impossible” to move because after the fall of snow occurred the phenomenon known as “black ice” which is a thin layer of glassy ice that forms on the surface it becomes very slippery what the road. Witnesses in the area of ​​Cerro Ancasti fell about 40 cm. of snow.

    Germany in snow, in the middle of April. Photogallery:

  4. Donna, I agree with you on food, fuel, water, medications and warm clothing. And also on not detailing your plans onLine. But I don’t understand the paper products? Books, information?

  5. Started to snow this afternoon in the highlands . The affected area and intesity will increase overnight. First April snow in Brazil since 1999!

  6. Thank you for bringing up the practical subject of prepping. What good is it to know about the ice age ahead of time if you do not use the knowledge to be forearmed on a personal and nationwide basis?

    For decades at least, our federal govt has provided knowledgeable advice to farmers, homeowners, the timber industry, etc. But even tho our govt has been replaced by an evil doppelganger, people are still conditioned to listen to it.

    Right now, it should be giving advice to people on how to deal with the coming ice age-what to plant, how to build, how to insulate.

    The govt should be stockpiling wheat like it used to. It should be using the media to encourage people to stockpile food and other supplies, both individually and corporately. But the govt that exists now does not want us to survive, so it is not going to do these things.

    It is possible, with the communications technology that exists now, for people who care to do an end run around the govt, to fire up a grass roots effort to prepare for the coming ice age, but it’s going to take some determined and visionary leadership, on the order of Martin Luther King or Lech Walesa.

    Judging by this election cycle’s offerings, true leaders are in short supply in this country. We can only pray that God will raise them up in time to prevent a new Dark Ages from overtaking us.

  7. in the bigger picture (in terms of prepping for an Ice Age)… if I were Queen of the World… rather than all this Paris accord, AGW nonsense… .I’d encourage alliances and international legally binding treaties between countries that are not likely to get covered in glaciers but which have economic problems now and countries that are doing well currently economically but likely go get covered in ice.

    The trade… the colder places would help the warmer but economically suffering places now in exchange for those warmer countries agreeing to allow citizens of the colder places to migrate should an Ice Age come. Fantasy land, I suspect!

  8. I am now living in my bugout place (bugout=flee when disaster strikes). I’m very busy right now building infrastructure. Next year I will be planting native Missouri wild edibles on my property, because (1) they are low to no maintenance (2) they have a good chance of surviving the cold weather (3) they are not GMO or nutrionally poor strains (4) most people do not recognize them as being food!

    I have strongly considered, if I cannot find a family member interested in coming here to help me, contacting pastors of churches in the UP of Michigan, to see if they can recommend a young person that would like to help their family relocate south, and would consider working for me in exchange for room and board and the opportunity to find a job, property etc. here in Missouri.

    People who already live in very cold places will be invaluable to the rest of us for their experiences in gardening, driving in ice and snow, and just staying alive and warm. We should be welcoming immigrants from Canada and the northern states.

    If I contacted them right now, I’d be blown off as a nutcase. I’ll give it a couple of years!

    • Sounds like a great plan Deb!

      I myself am living in southern Virginia, on a historic 500 acre farm (renting a small house, which is a tradition here)… when I first moved here it was for work but I had similar intentions and chose the place based on that and the fact its located out of the “mandatory hurricane evacuation” zone. built up some good flower beds where I planted veggies among the flowers.

      My body has betrayed me now, with bad arthritis so I can’t do the gardening I originally did but that’s life. Some of my family are living in New England and people there also know how to live with cold also. I imagine in other places like Northern Europe you’d find similar situations and it maybe makes sense to do things one on one on the quiet like you suggest.

      I really don’t trust the UN. They just now came out with another scheme to get billions of money from us… this time by claiming the need is due to El Nino.

      See link for info:

  9. “Paper products” must be an American idiom. It refers to paper towels, tissues, paper napkins and toilet paper.

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