Brazil – Historical cold three days in a row

The month of August continues to surprise mainly for those who like very cold, as it registered frosts in negative temperatures every day of this month.

In South Brazil High Mountains (Serra Catarinense) registers historical cold (record cold) with three consecutive days at the -8º mark.

In Bom Jardim da Serra the Keizer stations network scored -8.8°C.

In fact Serra Catarinense has been registering negative temperatures since June 29th consecutively.

“Intense cold in the coldest cities of the Serra Catarinense like São Joaquim, Bom Jardim, Urupema.”

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

3 thoughts on “Brazil – Historical cold three days in a row”

  1. I realize that climate trends may take years, or even decades, to become apparent but how do Southern Hemisphere temps this beginning winter season compare to the last few years?

    • Winter in the Southern Hem. starts in June and ends in September.
      Here in southern Brazil we have only the tropical winter.
      The Southern Hemisphere’s fine-tuned continentality in South America does not favor the cold as much as in the USA or Russia.
      I need to make some search about Southern Hem temps for another years.

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