Brazil – Huge hailstorm damages thousands of houses

50 cm (20 inches) of ice accumulated on the streets

A strong hailstorm hit parts of Rio Grande do Sul on Wednesday night, damaging 2,563 buildings.

Some 50 cm (20 inches) of ice accumulated on the streets in northern parts of the city of Não-Me-Toque (lit. Don’t-Touch-Me). The ice also felled trees on the ERS-142 between Carazinho and the city.

The mayors of Vale do Sinos, São Leopoldo and Novo Hamburgo declared an emergency.

The storm, which hit municipalities in the North, Northeast and Metropolitan and the Valleys of Taquari, Rio Pardo and Paranhana, was the second hail storm in the state in the week – Northern cities had already been punished by hail on Sunday night. rta-e-a-manha-desta-quinta-feira-danificou-2-563-imoveis-no-estado-6624571.html

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