Brazil – Parana records coldest June in 19 years

1 July 2016 –  Average month temperature 3 ° C lower than last year.

According to the Simepar, observing the historical average in the state since 1997, June 2016 was the coldest.

In the last eleven years, freezing temperatures were recorded during the month of June in 2004 (-0.3 ° C), in 2011 (-0.9 ° C) and this year (-1 3 ° C).

The average month temperature was also lower compared to last year. The average minimum recorded was 11.2 ° C – about three degrees less than in 2015, when the average was 14.4 ° C.

According to Mendes, the trend is for the intense cold to continue. “We expect more cold waves between the months of July and August,” he said.×576@GP-Web.JPG

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