Brazil – Rio Grande do Sul hit by frost and typical winter temperatures

Winter in Brazil usually runs June to September.


3 Nov 2016 – Headline a newspaper in Porto Alegre, capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil:

‘Rio Grande do Sul hit by frost and typical winter temperatures. Local minimum was recorded in Soledade at 1,7ºC.’

Some communities reported frost.

The recent situation of consecutive cyclones, cold temperatures, etc. has demanded an analysis by meteorologists at an Uruguayan TV channel.

The following animation shows what happened in the most recent episode of cyclone ocurrence. Strong winds hit this region whenever there is a shock of hot, wet air with cold, polar dry air. Normally the hot air comes from the tropical region of South America but in this case it has come from the Pacific coast as you can see.

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3 thoughts on “Brazil – Rio Grande do Sul hit by frost and typical winter temperatures

  1. earth nullschool webpage is excellent for seeing the wind patterns
    i find it soothing
    unless its got cyclones near land;-)

  2. Another good site to check for wind direction and strength is the from the University of Maine.

    They offer 2 different options on a daily basis:

    i) Surface wind:

    ii) Jet streams:

    You will also find data on temperature, temperature anomaly (1979-2000 baseline) and other meteorological data..

    For the meteorological data about Brazil (mainly) there is the site of the Brazilian INPE/CPTEC on a monthly-basis (temperature anomaly has a 1979-1995 baseline):


    Finally: the same record cold conditions remains at November, 4th 2016 in the south of Brazil with frosts and temperatures falling close to zero in many places. Meteorological sites are pointing how unusual these temperatures are for the spring season. Normally when the first snowfalls start to happen in the northern hemisphere the temperature rises in the southern one. But this time it seems it is just not happening this way…

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