Brazil – Thousands of fish die of cold in Curitiba Park

Officials blame “climate change.”

The headline reads “Hundreds of fish die of cold in Curitiba Park.”

I think that headline is misleading because it looks like thousands of dead fish to me.  Watch the video (link at bottom of this page) and see if you agree.

Brazil Dead Fish 20Jun2016

20 Jun 2016 – Francisco Ribeiro went for a walk this morning in San Lorenzo Park in Curitiba and found several dead fish in the lake. His video shows “tilapia puppies and lambari dead.”

In a statement, Curitiba City Hall reported that the animals died because of the cold and climate change.

The government also added that it is within the normal range and that some fish also died Tanguá Park for the same reason.

Interesting how they tell us that such deaths are “normal” while also blaming “climate change.”

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link


7 thoughts on “Brazil – Thousands of fish die of cold in Curitiba Park”

  1. It is climate change, change that has been, and will continue to occur on the Earth into the future as it has for the last 4.5 Billion years and will continue for another 10 or so Billion years until our Sun turns into a Red Giant and swallows the inner planets right up to Mars.
    The IPCC was very clever to change the shorthand meaning of AGW into Human Induced Climate Change, hereafter referred to as Climate Change in its last report. They are covered if it warms, and if it cools for the next 30 years, as they know it will, with the latter.
    The problem the IPCC has is that Solar Minimums and the increased volcanism which occurs at the same time, end civilisations, as well creating the conditions for the next civilisation to rise to prominence.
    The 600 BP Solar Minimum is a prime example. The Eastern Roman Empire fell and the Muslim expansion started due in the main to climate change in the Middle East allowing more fodder for horses to be grown or gathered, where as in Northern Europe, in the cold, wet environment, crop failure, famine and disease was widespread.
    The IPCC depends on the American Dollar and American Debt for its lively hood of telling Socialist, Green Anarchist lies from data “manufactured” by an American Civil Service Organsiation NOAA, working against the interests of the American People. Without cheap energy the American Way is doomed, eventually those debts will swamp the economy and the US will be an even bigger sovereign bankruptcy than Argentina, 1930s Germany, and the German induced bankruptcy of Greece, put together, X10. Once the US fails, the UN has no banker, and it fails and the IPCC will have achieved its parasitic purpose, of ending the Capitalist economic system that the West has enjoyed since the 1800s and the last Solar Minimum – Dalton.

  2. The fish probably were killed by the polluted Brazilian waters. This situation is making the holding of the upcoming Olympics a questionable endeavour. Humans are way more important than fish.

    • well Dave, I figure the fish dont reckon so
      and I doubt pollution did this event
      just the COLD
      not saying they’re known for clean waters thought..I sure wouldnt swin or eat fish there.

    • I cannot argue with your well-supported comment, Laurel. However grasping at straws, I do think the water in the picture looks somewhat murky though.

  3. hmm 8.4c isnt that cold..but then they are tropical fish :-0
    made me smile cos over here Tilapia are a serious threat from idiots throwing fishtank n fish into rivers when the novelty wears off.
    on the bright side smarter citizens should be carting them away to use as brilliant fertiliser:-)

  4. “Humans are way more important than fish.”

    The EPA, the UN and many enviro groups would strongly disagree with that statement.

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