Brazil’s President is taking Trump’s favorite drug hydroxychloroquine to tackle his coronavirus

Says he already ‘feels a lot better’.

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro last night revealed he is taking hydroxychloroquine to treat his coronavirus infection and claimed it was making him ‘a lot better’.

Hours after announcing his positive test result, Bolsonaro showed off footage of himself taking a dose of the anti-malaria drug – which is touted by him and Donald Trump.

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro holds up a dose of hydroxychloroquine last night as he claimed the drug was helping his recovery from coronavirus

Bolsonaro was tested after suffering a fever and muscle aches, but insisted yesterday that he felt ‘perfectly well’ and credited the improvement to his doses of the drug.

‘Today I’m a lot better, so certainly it’s working. We know today there are other remedies that can help fight the coronavirus,’ said Bolsonaro, 65.
‘We know none of them have their efficacy scientifically proven, but I’m one more person for whom this is working. So I trust hydroxychloroquine. And you?’

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“What a surprise,” says Stephen.



9 thoughts on “Brazil’s President is taking Trump’s favorite drug hydroxychloroquine to tackle his coronavirus”

  1. yeah fine for him
    while millions of his people are ill and starving
    if anyone needed to fall off the perch its him

    • Billions are starving, not millions. And thanks to short sighted economical gains the rulers of the western world are robbing these billions for their best people. Every year.

    • First: There are NOT millions starving in Brazil. While many may be poor and malnourished, I would point out that things are far, far worse in Venezuela. Many Venezuelans are indeed in danger of starvation and some are fleeing to Brazil, in fact.
      If you want to empty a “perch”, may I suggest a “little bird”* called Maduro?
      *look it up

  2. Putting his money where his mouth is. One of the few rulers who does not let the greenies and climate alarmists intimidate him.

  3. I took Hydroxychloroquine for months to prevent Malaria while working in Venezuelan jungles. I did not die of the drug (as Neil Cavuto hysterically warned). There were no side effects. And…I did not get Malaria!

    • Is hydrochloroquine the same as quinine? It is mentioned in a book by Jules Verne. Captain Nemo of the submarine, “Nautilus” supplied quinine to castaways on an island. Only old guys like myself will know about Jules Verne and Captain Nemo. Quinine is certainly not a knew and untested drug.

  4. I hope he is taking zinc along with the hydroxychloroquine, since the hydroxychloroquine serves to open the cell up for the zinc to enter and prevent the virus from multiplying.

  5. Well as long as Bolsonaro is getting better I wish him good luck. I read about a teacher in Wuhan who got good results from honey and whisky. I also read about some fools who bathed in cow dung to avoid catching the virus. Good plan. Puzzled? They would now smell so bad they would have no trouble keeping their distance from others.
    But it’s very good news to read about a man who got better. Suppose he died? You would get a good 10 times as many visitors to the news sites.
    Thanks for accentuating the positive.

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