Breaking – Official US Govt Data shows accelerating temperature decline since 2016

This shocking news (but not-so-shocking to me) comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

This graph from NOAA  pretty much tells the story. Temperatures have not only declined, the rate of decline appears to be accelerating.

                                National Temperature Index – Courtesy NOAA

The link below contains the interactive version of this graph.

Thanks to Norman Grant Smith for this link

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  1. Those months affect the fall harvest. That’s the back end of the growing season. What does graph for the spring planting front half of the growing season look like? How much is our growing season shortened?

    • The North Americian growing season has forshorted by several weeks at each end of the winters period, in two ways early frost and snow hitting the normaly harvest period, and the incredably wet springs/floods following the extended winter period.
      This will continue year on year untill able 2033 when the growing season will slowly return over several solar cycles to that last seen during 2014.

  2. No one seems to care about facts anymore, the agenda gets the headlines and the agenda is determined by the money.

  3. I dreamed that Trump as standing above the world smiling down. He is protecting his people. Then I saw him sweep his hand and the unbelievers feel away into death. They refused to follow him. As they feel he laughed and us believers bowed before him.

  4. Simply to play devil’s advocate, isn’t this decline normal after a major El Nino? However, I do expect the decline to continue.

    • Whats more alarming is that they are now letting this leak out. That tells me they have knowledge that things are heading for LIA conditions or even deeper, and they must let the truth come out or risk being fully discredited as fake news IMHO.

      Not surprised about the trend because thankfully we have this site to rely upon, and hopefully folks have been preparing.

    • That would highlight that the elite have been lying to us about the recent temperature spike being caused by a natural phenomenon which their models can’t predict.

      • Gerry the models have run hot by several degrees for the last 20 or more years. They have to reset them every three years.
        None of them is able to account for the 16% reduction of UV and EU during the solar cycle, the model only take into account the 1% variation in TSR measured during the solar Warm Period 1945 to 2008 and frankly discount solar variability.
        That UV variation which during the Minimum half of the cycle induces meridional jet Stream conditions to the world’s atmospheric circulation patterns. During the Max half of the solar cycle JS operate in a very narrow band keeping the solar heat within the lower portion temperate zone which also has the most water surface and captures the most energy.

  5. We must be vigilant.
    As it becomes more and more evident that the climate is actually cooling the left will simply switch polemics.
    They WILL claim the only way humanity will survive is if we give up our freedoms and submit to Marxist doggerel.
    The sad fact is, the lemmings and useful idiots will gladly do an about face.
    It is only through the incentivized efforts of individuals, risking everything and being rewarded that we will flourish.
    In other words, humanity’s last best hopes are free market capitalism, and democracy.
    Not top down tyranny.

  6. You can plot any month or range you like, but if stick with 2016 to 2019 you see the same curve for all months

  7. Something is about to happen…………This graph is “quietly” released……………….TRUMP had no desire to make a trade deal with China and is not moving, at all, on more FOOD trade deals………………….No hurry to bother with that little North Korean fool, either………………….The Government’s own Agricultural Department(s) are running scared, etc…………..Israel and England, Germany and France are agreeing on the Iran loser’s nuke ambitions………….why now……………….war?

    Maybe the powers that be know the shortages are coming, next year, and they are now stalling to sell or export anymore?

    When I begin to hear “rumors” about Corn-to-Ethanol being a problems, then we have more clues………………..

    Imagine all hell breaking out when prices take off after next summer and the Administration has to explain why all the corn, wheat, cattle, etc is being shipped out……………..Riot Time.

  8. I took the start date back to 2005
    2005,6,7 1deg
    2008,9,14 -.5
    2010,11,13 0
    2012 2.5
    2015,18 1
    16 & 17 2.5 & 2
    19 0 So 2012,16 & 17 were warm years
    And we are now back to a lower average.

    • I was playing around with the month ranges as well. Interesting stuff. The only weirdness I came across was doing:
      “USCRN, Average Temp Anomoly, 12 month, 2004-2019, April”.

      It sort of flat lined. The rest is like you said and slightly below average including summer months.

  9. For folks who usually shut my religious comments down Here is a fact >>> The Vatican has called for ALL world leaders to meet in May of 2020 to hold a meeting to discuss the re-education of our children as it relates to climate. They have included some other choice things as well including teaching them to work for the “Common Good”. Communism. This comes from their own organs of communication. Just thought you should know.

    • The Vatican, being controlled by the Jesuits, is totally in the One World Camp….Just look at “who” is the Bankers for the Vatican………………….

  10. Centurion . Totally agree with you on the argi angle, I too suspect surpluses are not there.

    If they remove ethanol from the fuel supply at least we will get up to 20% better mpg performance. But thats about the only upshot in this.

    • They will not be removing Ethanol from the fuel supply to protect gas prices…………..they will be doing it to keep the price of Corn Flakes and Frito’s down………………….They will come up with an excuse for the gasoline price rise, since that is so much easier than explaining price rises at Taco Bell due to Corn shortages……

      Ethanol will be dropped, soon……………That is proof positive that all of us here are correct.

  11. No real surprise, as the Sun is approaching the minimum of its current 11year cycle and the trend of the last 3 recent peaks has been lower and lower. Of course, Cosmic Ray intensity is inverse to the sunspot cycle, so albedo increases almost guarantee some acceleration of global cooling, and the data shows that it has happened!!!

  12. Lying about how cold it is: impossible. When it is near zero F in much of the northern regions and freezing even in ‘warm’ states, it is impossible to tell people we are roasting to death and the fix is to make it even colder. Global warming is dying as a movement. Only little girls like Greta still fall for the propaganda and she is now returning home to freeze to death, too.

  13. Sorry, but a dream about bowing before Trump is NOT us. This President is only holding the door open for YOU TO ACT ON MAKING AMERICA GREAT! The Citizen has to do the heavy lifting now! People like Robert are! Vote for school boards and local judges like the Marxists have done for 100 years or more. Littlejohn, get off your knees and GET TO WORK! Your voice is needed!

  14. That’s a very interesting graph. If you go back as far as 1895 and plot it you’ll see and upward trend of the temperatures.

      • 1885 was the last cold minimum. So the only way the temperature was going was … up! Much like they only show Arctic ice extent after 1979. ’79 was a max year so the only way the ice cover was going was …. down. Like Winston said ” There are lies, damned lies and Climate scientists with an agenda”

      • Why 1895? >>> Because it’s as far back as it the site allows.

        Why not go back to at least 3,000 BC and see that TEMPERATURE IS FALLING…… >>>> The original article goes back only 3 years back.

    • Plam it’s called a recovery from the Dalton GSM 1780 to 1820
      The solar cycle starts with a two cycle GSM, then recovers during a 90 year tepid period called a Gleissberg Period, it then moves into a 70 years solar warm period and ends with the next GSM.
      All of which is governed by the Sun variable orbit around the moving system BarryCentre. The shape of the orbit determines and in fact moderates the sun’s output in energy.
      During the GSM the Sun orbit is a very tight Trefoil, during the Gleissberg period a much fatter trefoil, during the Solar nearly circular.
      Sol isn’t the only main sequence star to wobble around its Barry Centre in sols case its 10 year orbit, NASA has 21 others who show Sun spots and are variable like our Sun is.

  15. Good link to the data! Looks like,for those months, the trend is about an increase of 1F per 100 years. If error bars were included it could be argued it’s less than that. Cold is more worrisome for food supply of all these people the US feeds.

  16. Down here in Australia even the mainstream media is beginning to cover cold events ( in between their endless screeching about global warming and how we are all doomed ). The cold events ( snow in Summer ) are very hard to ignore and cover up.

  17. Try plotting from 1998 to 2019 for July.

    1998 was the year of the huge El-Niño which despite what all alarmists claim was responsible for a “jump” in averages from the previous decades.

    No-one is disputing there has been an increase in average temperatures since 1895.

    But a plot of summer temperatures for more than 20 years shows no increase in average – by sight alone I estimate the average over this period – 1998 to 2019 – is a pretty constant anomaly of about 0.5°C – there is about the same above 0.5°C as there is below.

    Now the Chinese economy really began to ramp up CO2 emissions from the late 90’s as did India. Europe and the USA declined slightly BUT over all emissions have been skyrocketing since the late 90’s.

    The URL for the graph

    This graph shows the ever increasing upward trend for CO2 emissions.

    The URL for this graph

    The temperature graph shows little correlation with either emissions graph with a virtually flat line in “global warming” while emissions are rocketing upwards.

    Perhaps hell is really coming in 12 years as your esteemed prophet Ocasio-Cortez predicts ?

  18. 3 years +enso = Weather, not climate. Don’t fall into using the same doggerrel as the CACG crowd.

  19. 2016 was notable as the second record high year, 1998 being the first and I think they were both 1.8C above average? Of course there had been so much data manipulation those two records are now defunct. The pre 2000 algo. that lowered the past ruined everything.

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