Brexit for America

“Mrs. Clinton and her increasingly far-left party rightly worry that voters have had a bellyful of liberal-progressive policies that have rolled back economic growth, job creation, and incomes for poor, working class and minority families; unleashed waves of illegal immigration; and imposed massive cultural changes on our communities and military.” – Paul Driessen

Brexit for America

Should we give Washington still more power over our lives – or “Take back control”

By Paul Driessen

Independence Day weekend is a perfect time to reflect on personal freedoms and responsibilities.

The Magna Carta and Declaration of Independence were about overbearing, despotic kings. Brexit, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, was much about overbearing bureaucrats in Brussels.

This year’s US elections likewise center on gaining a new measure of freedom from an authoritarian, unaccountable Executive Branch in Washington. Like Brexit, they are also about We the People actually having a role in a democracy, a voice in how much power government will have over our lives. The Brexit motto is fast becoming the driving force in 2016 politics: “Take back control!”

Today’s ruling elites do not govern from positions of land ownership or birth, but from assertions of greater education, expertise and wisdom than supposedly possessed by citizens at large. These ruling classes increasingly control our lands, the energy and minerals beneath them, and the lives, livelihoods and living standards of those beyond the DC Beltway. People are getting fed up.

A Financial Times headline just days after the Brexit vote read “Clinton wary of populist contagion.” She should be.

The very notion that people might vote to loosen the shackles of intrusive government is anathema to her. Like President Obama, Hillary Clinton shares the mindset that democracy is fine if angry liberals can be mobilized to elect an activist, wealth-redistributionist president to “fundamentally transform” America. It’s unsettling and intolerable if conservatives mobilize to unelect this agenda.

Mrs. Clinton and her increasingly far-left party rightly worry that voters have had a bellyful of liberal-progressive policies that have rolled back economic growth, job creation, and incomes for poor, working class and minority families; unleashed waves of illegal immigration; and imposed massive cultural changes on our communities and military. And yet, right after the Brexit vote, Mrs. Clinton said:

“Our first task has to be to make sure the economic uncertainty created by these events does not hurt working class families here in America.” Talk about being insulated from reality.

Possible impacts from Britain’s exit from the EU are hardly the issue. America’s concern is the certain harm to working classes inflicted by Mr. Obama’s policies – which Ms. Hillary promises to redouble if elected. Her comment to West Virginia’s coal country electorate underscores her insensitive disdain.

“I’m going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs,” she informed them. And she won’t stop there.

Germany, Britain and Poland are finally awakening to the ways exorbitant prices for subsidized, unreliable wind and solar electricity are hammering their poor and middle class families, destroying their international competitiveness, and driving their steel, auto, ceramics and other industries out of business. But Mrs. Clinton has also vowed to regulate hydraulic fracturing into oblivion, and ban mining and drilling on federally controlled lands that represent 30-85% of all real estate in Alaska and America’s western states. Her rabid environmentalist base wants to rid these areas of ranching and grazing, as well.

The economic impacts will roll through states and communities like successive tsunamis. Mrs. Clinton, her media and intellectual supporters, and ruling elites will likely respond as they always do.

“What difference at this point does it make?” she ranted at lawmakers who dared to question her lies and incompetence in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and his heroic security team in Benghazi.

“Shoulda, coulda, woulda. We didn’t,” the then-First Lady contemptuously responded to suggestions that she and President Clinton mishandled financial reports on their Whitewater land deals. She gave the same dismissive answer to “impertinent” questions about her improper State Department email server.

“Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, & supported,” she tweeted in 2015. But if they’re victims of her husband’s sexual predations, she labels them “trailer trash,” like Gennifer Flowers, or slimes and pressures them to shut up, like Juanita Broaddrick and other women.

Like Mr. Obama and other elites, she surrounds herself with armed security details – and then demands more gun control when unarmed or disarmed Americans are murdered in Orlando, San Bernardino or Fort Hood … while scrubbing press releases and cell phone transcripts of any mention of Islamist motives.

The Obama Justice Department prosecuted ex-Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell over a watch and meeting arrangements. (An 8-0 Supreme Court decision threw out the conviction.) But the DOJ was silent about Secretary of State Clinton appointing Rajiv Fernando to the International Security Advisory Board, giving him access to ultra-sensitive intelligence – when his only apparent “qualification” was raising millions of dollars for Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, donating hundreds of thousands to the Clinton Foundation, and giving tens of thousands to Hillary PACs.

The extensive quid-pro-quo of $200,000 Bill and Hill speeches and special deals for Wall Street, Saudi and other supplicants – swelling Clinton Foundation coffers – has received similar DOJ inattention.

Obama, Clinton and other Democrat kids go to pricey, private prep schools – while they oppose funding for charter schools that give poor and minority kids a chance to escape inner city life. They demand full integration of middle-income neighborhoods, but live in segregated, gated communities.

Those who dare question government diktats gets targeted or audited by the IRS, or even find armed SWAT teams bursting through their doors.

Legal immigrants face slow, expensive processing – while illegals from Latin America receive healthcare and education, live in sanctuary cities, and rarely get deported for crimes. 99% of Syrian refugees arriving under the latest Obama decree are Muslims, even as Christians are being exterminated in Syria and Iraq.

More and more, it seems, our government does whatever it decides the times demand – even when it means stifling innovation, growth, jobs and incomes for everyone except bureaucrats and crony corporatist friends, whose decisions, arrangements, perks and pensions are sacrosanct.

“As president, I can do whatever I want,” President Obama has said. If it was meant as a joke, few are laughing. On June 30, total government debt hit a record $19.4 trillion, a jump of nearly $98 billion from the day before. Our kids and their future generations will pay the price.

Elites impose healthcare, climate change, red-ink and transgender agendas – and then go apoplectic over Donald Trump’s controversial remarks. There is a “clear consensus” among intellectual, political and media elites that Donald Trump is “ill-suited to be president,” we repeatedly hear.

By contrast, Mrs. Clinton offers the “calm, steady, experienced leadership” we need in these uncertain times. Such as what we’ve seen on Benghazi, emails, energy, economics and sexual assault?

Ronald Reagan once asked, “If no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?”

Indeed, who in government has the wisdom, knowledge or right to govern the rest of us, especially with the iron fist they increasingly employ – and with no transparency or accountability?

We gained independence from Britain over far less serious Abuses and Usurpations. Let’s hope we can at least have an angry populace election in 2016. And if Mr. Trump can formulate, articulate and implement sound, practical, job-creating, economy-stimulating policies – and enough voters can unite around him and those policies – America might get its own Brexit from tyrannical centralized, leftist government.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, Heartland Institute and Congress of Racial Equality, and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death.




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  1. Well Said! It is said insanity is doing the same thing you always did and expecting things to change. It is time we got out of the political rut the left has pushed us into and elect someone who wants to get us out of it. I also remind those who intone that Donald Trump doesn’t have the experience to lead the country of the fact that Barack Obama’s only experience at leading anything was in extortion and fearmongering as a “community organizer”.
    Mr. Trump has dealt with governments all over the world as part of building a worldwide successful business. Somehow, I think this “trumps” the many failures of the left and especially the disastrous string of failure and mediocrity attached to Mrs Clinton, who is seeking to fill Obama’s 3rd term, to the detriment of the country.

  2. Clinton is absolutely a ‘team player,’ and Mr. Trump certainly is not.

    I am thinking that with how much the MSM & Elite hate him (for that reason), Individual States might try to leave the union if he is elected & set up a new one.

    That’s really the only way I’d think the Supreme Court would even allow an exit like that.

  3. I think that the left/right labels should be dropped as they no longer mean what they did historically. For example, Clinton is a creature of the Bankers and other Big Business– especially of the Rockefellers. Our govt leaders are, like Clinton, merely a mask for the biggest corporations and the bankers. Every Secy of State has belonged to Rockefeller’s CFR. Approximately 2/3 of the Senior members of Carter’s administration were members of Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission.

    A govt in which govt and big business has melded is called a Nazi or fascist govt. This considered to be the “right” even tho both are forms of socialism. So really the left/right descriptor is useless. If you call Hillary left/big govt, then I suppose you would call the right the neocons who want war after war and small govt.

    But “small govt v big govt” is too simplistic. What PART of the govt do you wish smaller? The part that’s supposed to be regulating Big Business and the Banks? The part that’s supposed to be regulating Big Pharma but instead has been captured by them? small v big just doesn’t cut it.

    We need to remove the oligarchs from power, break up the banks and the huge corporations, decentralize to the county and city level every possible decision. “Big gov v Small gov” misses the essential point: govt answerable to the people, not to the banks and big business.

    • I think you are spot on. I have become convinced people don’t care about their form of government only their standard of living.

  4. lets all hope the FBI sort her outta the running and into a nice orange “onesie”
    I see the highly suspicious claims re Trump released to Aus media re child rape ever so conveniently surfaced today
    with “special permissions” to file waaaay past legal times..
    from an anonymous whore??pimp/madam/ who supplied…the underage kiddies to highly placed washington “pollies” n others in high positions n power.and supposedly watched their rapes??
    the old joke re 300+criminals IN the senate, rings close to true..

  5. The only thing he didn’t mention is whose money and influence is driving this far left bolshevik communism of America.

  6. Actually the UK isn’t getting it as regards energy since the government & MPs have approved the latest carbon budget that will bring the UK economy to a grinding halt in about a decade. You might note that there will be at least 2 elections before then but since the 2 main parties are the same on this we can’t vote them out. Included in their delusions is phasing out domestic use of gas and a huge growth in electric vehicles. What there won’t be is any new power stations to provide for this huge increase in electricity demand. They are banking on new nuclear of which only one is planned and is the subject of disputes and delays already that it looks unlikely to be finished by 2025. If not there is gas generation with carbon capture that nobody has made work yet. And the budget also assumed the UK would still be in the EU – which we won’t. There is an opening for a party representing conservatives that would encompass those considered working class in the north and midlands, and shire tories – basically the vote to leave majority. With Farage stepping down then here is the UKIP challenge – maybe under a new name though.

  7. “who in government has the wisdom”

    Wisdom? When was the last time you heard a politician use the word wisdom?

  8. Wow, it is sad that your longest post is about politics on this site. Seems a bit irresponsible – as if only right wingers are skeptics. The Warmista vs Skeptics debate should be about science and empirical evidence, but all too often people on each side of the argument show that their position is largely political. This is when cognitive dissonance is most likely to occur.

    • I agree it’s about politics but shaped by science events and developments on the ground, and a political green conspiracy to subvert the democratic process from within. AGW isn’t a true science it’s a belief system, now supported by the full weight of the political establishment of the Anglo Saxon economies, simply because Carbon Credits provide them with a means to pay off the massive debts incurred since the Telecom crash during the early nineties and the sequence of major economic ripples which has deepened the debt and has led to the even bigger Crash of 2008.
      The Green Anarchists wish to destroy the very basis of modern civilisation – electrical energy production on a mass scale. In doing so they remove the power source which drives the technology change which has taken Humans from horse power to massive rockets being able to launch bus sized object to investigate the far reaches of our solar system, or descend to the deepest parts of our ocean. Great strides are being made in developing technology to harness DNA to correct mutation diseases.
      All of the above requires trusted science communities by the general public, that trust has been destroyed in the eyes of the public by the Ologists who have the ear and funding of governments and continue to peddle cheap money for government and expensive, unaffordable energy for the masses.
      Yes the choice is political; the choice is to have mass energy production, which only governments can provide, or no cheap energy and all suffer.
      I believe we will all suffer as this Grand Solar Minimum grinds on; we have yet to see the major volcanic eruptions which accompany such minimum periods. It’s also possible that it’s our civilisation’s turn to been stressed to the point of collapse, made more likely by the frauds at the heart of the western world’s science community.
      It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing. Reverend Charles F. Aked 1916.

    • Jake – sorry but you can’t remove the politics because it is no longer about science and empirical evidence. The only thing that will crash the global warming scam is intense cold brought about by a solar minimum or grand solar minimum. And that is what we are about to find out as the sun is growing increasingly quiet.

  9. The mistake is the failure to recognize that liberal-progressives are a front for a cabal that have been developing a long term plan for the degradation of society. This to establish a final and very ugly dictatorship.

    If the people wish to control the government they must become the government. That is, they must escape the party apparatus of the modern “democratic state” and its associated political class. Sortition, the selection by lottery of all public officials from the general population, would be one means of eliminating parties and the political class.

    Nevertheless, the point must be made clear. Power is exercised by organization and determination to wield it. Sortition requires a population that understands its politics and does not shirk its duty.

    Power for the few is ambrosia; power for the many is a thankless task–mostly a guardianship of the status quo.
    The desire to shirk that duty is strong for the many and the desire to taste ambrosia for the few is strong. This must be taken into account in any governmental system that would seek to distribute power more universally.

    Unfortunately, the United States has received the government it deserves. The real issue is escape from its just desserts.

  10. Lord Monckton on Brexit/Clexit
    In this comment he poses an interesting question:

    “We are left with our own British governing class, which has until now been no less determined than the EU to damage our economic and environmental interests by shutting down vital coal-fired power stations and carpeting our once green and pleasant land with windmills.

    Now that the EU and its devoted poodle Mr Cameron have been consigned to the trashcan of history, it is near-certain that any new British Cabinet will take a more alert and less acquiescent stance than the present lot on the climate question.

    It may even occur to the new Cabinet to check whether the rate of global warming is anything like what the profiteers of doom had predicted; to count the number of downstream businesses – such as cinder-blocks made from fly-ash out of coal-fired power stations – that have been destroyed by the EU’s war on coal; and even to wonder whether the forest of windmills that infest our once beautiful landscape are now extracting between them so much kinetic energy from passing storms that they are slowing them down, causing far more flash flooding than slightly warmer weather would (if and when it happened).

    In the past, there was no point in our politicians asking any such questions, for our policies on all matters to do with our own environment were set for us by the unelectedKommissars of Brussels, whether we liked it or not.

    • Quote:
      and even to wonder whether the forest of windmills that infest our once beautiful landscape are now extracting between them so much kinetic energy from passing storms that they are slowing them down, causing far more flash flooding than slightly warmer weather would.
      He forgets the evidence from history, even quotes from Kings. “The English Summer is three hot days and a thunderstorm”
      This comment was made during the Maunder period where Meridional Jet Streams brought during the summer a period of several weeks of warm, humid air referred to as a Spanish Plume. Even the massive floods from two years ago where derived from a stationary Jet Stream Polar Front.
      No, Windmills sit in the shallow 500 ft. of disturbed air interface between the ground or water, and it’s many obstructions to the weather fonts direction of travel, and the major high speed elements of the weather Front at altitude, an example is that a Weather front can move at 150 mph yet at ground level the air speed is around 40 mph.
      If we were to extract all of the energy from one Atlantic weather system, the energy would probably last the UK for one year, if we could store it.

  11. No matter how well thought out our positions and correct we are there are a few issues we must keep ever in our minds. 1. hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexicans and South Americans of voting age are here now and Obama has refused to follow the recent supreme court ruling to have them removed. 2. Obama is infusing America with refugees and Islamic extremists who are also of voting age and like the illegal Mexican and other south Americans are being helped to get legal documentation in place (like drivers licenses) so they can vote as well.

    I do not see that middle class Americans will ever be able to win an election again. They will never be able to vote and win elections to protect themselves.

    None of the people coming to America are being required to assimilate into American language or culture. All these new non english speaking people are incapable of getting work. They can’t communicate. Therefore our social network which is already incapable of meeting rightful citizens needs, ((those who didn’t just contribute to but paid for and bought the insurance being given away)) is undeniably being forced into a state of collapse.

    Mr. Obama and Hilary Clinton are enemies of this Republic and it’s Constitution. They may destroy the Constitution but should remember, before the constitution there was a tyrannical govt that caused it’s writing and support.

    So, my point is, the powers that be will remain as they are and things will get much worse until we decide to fight for our liberty and freedom again.

    Keep in mind, foreign troops have been trained on our shores and the govt does not intend to rely on our own troops to carry out their acts against Americans. They will send our woefully under armed troops on dangerous missions elsewhere while they along with foreign support take over in America. This is why they have cut military budgets, reduced their ammunition, size of force, fired or retired our best Generals, and short changed our troop training for combat readiness.

    This is all being done right in front of us and is why so many Americans are arming themselves. It’s getting past fear and leaning towards retribution. GOD help us all.

  12. The world is turning away from globalism – just like the Global Warming (AGW) movement – most people don’t like to be dictated to by a non elected body..

  13. Hey, don’t leave us in Canada out either! We need a “Brexit” badly. This is especially so with Justin Trudeau ruining the country through his love affair with Syrian refugees. He stubbornly insults the majority of Canadians by planning to bring thousands of more to settle them in the four maritime provinces the ones that are least able to afford them of the ten provinces. His father, “Trudope” senior eventually admitted that multiculturalism did not work in Canada and that was back in the 1970’s and is no less true today. Obviously his pretty boy son ignores this and puts the people in danger due to the possibility of ISIS terrorists infiltrating among the migrants. This is not to mention the negative effect of the economy with most of them going right on to social assistance benefits as soon as they get here. Trudeau goes hand in hand with Obama and they are two peas in a pod. Can they not reason at all why Brexit happened in the UK? Now only Britain will begin to savor true independence from the European Union while the people of Canada and the U.S. are sighing and groaning as slaves to inept governments whose only thoughts are bringing in migrants and promoting political correctness. Could we ever do with a Donald Trump clone here to bring Trudope back to reality.

  14. Brexit is only the most obvious symptom of a more general problem, that is deep rooted and probably cannot be fixed by politicians taking conventional measures. The fact is that globalization is failing. It’s beginning a slow and at this point almost imperceptible drop toward the hard cobblestones below, that can only accelerate, and when it finally hits bottom, it will break into a million pieces, and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be be able to fix it.

    Instead of a sane, measured response to real climate change which indicates we are tilting toward an ice age, little or otherwise, governments scramble to keep alive policies designed to manipulate and deceive the people, into implementing a scheme for world government and allocation of resources that is at its core unworkable and founded on false assumptions.

    Brexit has greatly destabilized world markets, and economies. at a time when stability and calm are needed. The enormous burden of government debt created largely by the ivory tower academics who run the Federal Reserve and other agencies and central banks, has created even more uncertainty and is consuming the energy of politicians who need to be dealing with more pressing problems, like surviving an extended period of cold and unstable climate.

    “Fiat currency is more dangerous than nuclear bombs,” says a tweet quoted in the link below. The article pictures two, US one dollar bills, one an old silver certificate, which was backed by real silver, and really could be exchanged for a silver dollar (I did it once!), and a Federal Reserve Note, which is backed by hot air. Historically, the long term survival rate of fiat currencies is ZERO! None of them have ever survived for extended periods. We are heading for a major, major economic and political meltdown at a time when we need it least. Look for more “Brexits,” and worse, possibly far worse. Buy gold. Buy silver, Buy emergency food, and water.

    May you live in interesting time, but let’s hope they don’t get as interesting as I’m afraid they will!

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