More brilliance from Al Gore

7 Sep 11 – “Al Gore recently said something that struck me as absolutely bizarre,” says this article by Robert Rapier.

“Gasoline made from the tar sands gives a Toyota Prius the same impact on climate as a Hummer using gasoline made from oil.”Al Gore, Aug. 31, 2011

“These are the sorts of extremist statements that have caused many to tune Al out,” says Rapier. “The fact is that his comment isn’t remotely grounded in reality. I was about to do the calculation for myself, but as I was searching for the source of the quote I found out that someone has already done it:

A Hummer gets 10 miles per gallon. A Prius gets 50. Gasoline from the oil sands entails roughly 15 percent greater emissions than gasoline made from the average barrel of conventional oil used in the United States. A Hummer using “gasoline made from oil” thus has 4.3 times the impact on climate as a Prius using “gasoline made from the tar sands,” not the same amount. None of these numbers are controversial (well, some in industry would claim that 15 percent is too high). Someone like Gore, who cares passionately about both climate change and scientific seriousness, should not mislead his followers on such a massive difference.

“So Al wasn’t even in the ballpark, but that hasn’t stopped many opponents of the pipeline from regurgitating this quote. And this is exactly the sort of misinformation that distorts our energy policies.”

See entire article entitled “Barack Obama and Fossil Fuels: Reality Starting to Settle In”

13 thoughts on “More brilliance from Al Gore

  1. Now Marius, be fair to Savior Al. You are this century’s equivalent of being a racist, not a racist. Sort of like being the equivalent of a conspiracy theorist or a “truther” without actually being one. Or something like that. Denying the fact that global warming is freezing your arse off, I think, is also the equivalent of something. Just not sure of what.


  3. How dare you mock Saint Al of the Gore, may you burn in hell for a thousand years.

    Meanwhile in other news, Dr Tim Flannery (AKA The Australian Al Gore) after finishing an exhaustive tour of the country screaming about the rise in sea levels settled comfortably into his newly acquired home on the banks of the Hawkesbury river a fishing line cast from its mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Hmm? my hounds say they are happy to lift a leg on a Prius as any other car.If Al would stand still they’d “honour” him too:-)
    Crazed sexpoodle…Roflmao, I simply can’t take him seriously after that..

    • Al Gore on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien talking about geothermal energy. He claims the Earth’s core is “several million degrees.”

  5. Oh to see all politically correct people and global warmers frozen inside an ice sheet!
    What a glorious luxury! Bring it on!

  6. Yeaugh I know – I don’t even bother looking at this total left wing, 1st class oxy moron retard ever again !! Since the late 90’s I ignore this idiot. he’s useless……

    Forget Gore, have a good day and lets prepare for the upcoming ice age ^_^

  7. But folks, give Al credit. He is standing out front being the target of ridicule, sheilding the true idiots that keep campaigning for more money to study something that doesn’t exist and allowing back room taxation to kill off the rest of us. The man DOES have a pair to take all that crap while letting the creeps at CRU and the others slide back into the shadows and work their profit taking.

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