Britain braces for coldest winter in 58 years

Weeks of freezing blizzards in the forecasts.

British newspapers forecast brutal winter as Beast from the East hits Scotland.

UK weather: Worst winter in more than 50 years forecast with warnings cold could last until March

Arctic SNOWBOMB to smash into Britain: Coldest winter in 58 YEARS now just days away

BRITAIN faces WEEKS of freezing blizzards, crippling snowfall and brutal winter storms as a savage turn in the weather plunges the ENTIRE COUNTRY into winter lockdown.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these links

“Remember the year 2000?” asks Argiris. “According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said”.

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  1. The official BBC five day forecast broadcast today makes no such assumption. Yes, it will be colder than normal and some places may get some snow, but they are certainly not painting a scenario similar to early 1947 or 1963.

    The once respected Daily Express is now nothing more than a rag peddling sensationalist stories.

  2. They’ll be fine – the forecast is from the UK Met Office – it’ll probably end up a barbecue summer given their track record.

  3. Did you know that the actual page with that prediction is gone , its taken offline , but still avail on the google wayback machine-

  4. Robert, these UK tabloids are just filling out non- stories to sell papers with dramatic headlines, they’re blowing it all out of proportion, I think we are due “slightly colder” weather for a couple of days next week then back to westerly winds and rain!

    Maybe one day they’ll be right though lol!

  5. A few years ago astrophysicist Piers Corbyn predicted the coldest winter in the UK in 100 years and he was right. So this new cold snap – “the coldest in 58 years” – could be either the coldest winter in the last 5 years or it could be the coldest winter in more than 100 years, We’ll see what happens.
    In the mean time I found this article in Persian language:
    Document ID: 323582
    Snow and blizzards in 12 provinces
    Published: Sunday 20 Persian date Dey 1394 at 16:19
    (According to the Persian Calendar Converter 1394 Dey 20 is today, January 10, 2016,)
     Chairman of the rescue organization, referring to the snow and the blizzard in 12 provinces of relief to 3,700 people remained in the snow to save them from frostbite announced.
    According to Fars, Nasser Chrkhsaz of snow and blizzard announced over the past 24 hours.
    He said, in the provinces of West and East Azarbaijan, Tehran, Isfahan and Chaharmahal, Qazvin, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Lorestan, Mazandaran, Arak and Hamadan were seeing snow and the blizzard.
    The head of rescue organizations, referring to the aid of people and save them from the snow in 3700, said the country’s main road 31 Red Crescent workers have been covered by aid.
    He also noted accommodate 91 persons: 2 pregnant women were saved by rescuers from death and frost.
    Chrkhsaz also said that 332 vehicles had been released from Snow said 95 blankets and 242 food packages were distributed among the victims while assisting in Azerbaijan and the Caspian continues.
    Reader’s comment: In English language there is no last 24 hours news from Iran with the words snow, snowfall and/or snowstorm. But when I translated these key-words in Persian, I found the above news article.

    • Piers Corbyn also get it wrong too… remember ‘Germany took our snow’ and ‘hottest August for 300 years’. Both wrong.

      I am a follower of Piers but he is rarely right when he makes sensationalist claims like these.

  6. Two more links with the same news in almost the same words.برف-و-کولاک-در-12-استان
    Relief on the roads of Azerbaijan and Caspian / 332 release the car from snow
    Community> Events – wrote the head of the Red Crescent rescue organizations from the release of 332 cars from the snow and said: The days of 3 thousand 700 Drazrbayjan relief aid has been made and most importantly East and the Caspian continues.
    Nasser Chrkhsaz head of rescue operations, said snow: 12 Regions (West and East Azarbaijan, Tehran, Isfahan and Chaharmahal, Qazvin, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Lorestan, Mazandaran, Arak and Hamadan) have been affected by the snow storm.
    He continued by saying that relief has been 31 road axis, said that during the 3 thousand 700 relief has been made, so that it can be said to have been 91 emergency accommodation.
    Chairman of the Red Crescent rescue organizations pointed to the fact that 332 vehicles were abandoned in the snow. Unfortunately, the snow storm that left 2 injured were immediately taken to hospitals.

  7. A better comparison would be with 1947, as that was a very harsh late winter with a mild November and December. 1962/3 became cold by Christmas.

  8. Our governments just tell lies, we should be voting out “bought” major parties in all western countries

    Whether its climate change , or a 100+ other topics we are being lied to.

    Look at banking, derivatives exposure 100+ times the real economy, so when that breaks down the banks will want bail-ins like Cyprus.

    When we really should stop all derivation trading, as its a con, set up to fail and rob us of real assets.

    Carbon credits are there to steal more money from us.

  9. That switch in the weather pattern is simply a turnaround of the cold weather that dominated the arctic (north pole) and Greenland back in Nov/Dec last year and now it’ll be warm there (relative to normal) across that same area in the following months. That finally allows a polar trough to dominate Eastern US and western Europe as a ridge, known as the -NAO, (warm bubble) develops over the high arctic and Greenland. That’s the same reason why it was warm in the US during late fall and December – as the very cold arctic air (trough) was trapped in the high arctic. That was explained in a great analysis by weatherbell. Check out this one from January 2nd which explains the reason for the change in the pattern which will now turn cold and snowy

  10. Well, I guess we’re about to test the gullibility and compliance of the present crop of British citizens….

    Will they catch a clue and raise hell, or queue up for the shears again…

  11. With an NAO winter, coupled with the declining El-Niño pushing water vapor into the US and then into the Atlantic westerly’s, these are normal repeatable weather outcomes at the start of the cold period of the current Solar Minimum.

    The Maunder and Dalton Frost fairs occurred in similar Easterly Blocking highs with temperatures similar to those recently experienced by Poland early last week.

    The tabloids, with the Express being the worst, and the fascist Mail not far behind, have held off reporting the likely hood of such a winter, they have been concerned about crying wolf too soon.

    From an AGW point of view such a winter will point the finger at the biased UK Met leadership and just how wrong they have been for the last 40 years. There is no point in having spent 100s of millions on a super computer, where the models run on it have a 3C bias towards Gullible warming.

    The current advise from the Met office is for “some” snow showers in the south and some general snow in the North, they dare not give a general forecast of three months of misery as it would blow human induced climate change out of the water.

  12. Well, the british newspaper say that every week. So far December was warmer than November, which was itself a far above average temperature month.
    A point of major intrest remains the cold spot in the atlantic with the potential of deflecting the gulf stream, responsible for europes moderate climate.

  13. Somehow, all this cold and snow will be caused by humans, if the anti-human alarmists have anything to say about it.

  14. Well it sells newspapers I suppose! What a lot of absolute balderdash. Will be a bit colder and drier for a few days/a week but considering what we have been through with warm temps and flooding, that’s not difficult!

  15. This is more likely, on past experience of these sources, to be 6 inches of bullshit. Standard models are very variable, but none of these show anything like this. There is also a fair degree of sceptical comment on the Weather Action site of Piers Corbyn. There is colder weather on the way which will come as a shock after the warmest and wettest December the UK has ever had.

  16. Interestingly enough, most of the comments on the UK Daily Express were along the lines of “after years of warmer than normal winters and heavy rainfall, a return to pre-climate change conditions makes people believe we’re set for a new ice age”. To me it seems more plausible that a warmer climate allows for much heavier snowfalls that won’t melt through the summer season, which in turn would flip a switch at some point and lead to a feedback loop via an increase in surface albedo. Who knows for sure, but I have high bets going forward another 20+ years that with a lower solar output and negative NAO/AO phase that more snow and cold (and colder NH temperatures in general) are the likely scenario.

  17. Temperatures in the UK are currently well above freezing by day. There is a possibility of rain turning to snow Wednesday night into Thursday morning but nothing unusual for the month of January. The +5C in Belfast today felt bitter because we had such a run of very mild temperatures in December. There is no sign of major blocking or Siberian easterlies that might herald a prolonged cold spell.

  18. There are no reliable newspapers in the UK anymore (were there ever?) – all have been hijacked by the same pro-privatisation, anti-socialist, pro-run-away warming, pro-EU, anti-welfare, pro-zionism claptrap.
    You might as well ask a cow to make a forecast – they probably have more idea than the average UK meteorologist.

    • I am in total agreement, yet more fear porn from a discredited media.. yet.. yet.. they might just be right thgis time!!!

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