Britain – Expect SNOW in October and an early winter

Britain is about to experience an early winter, with plummeting temperatures and snow as soon as next month, forecasters warn.

James Madden, of Exacta Weather, said: ‘I expect to see the first signs of some moderate to heavy snowfalls as early as October or November in certain parts of the UK.

Madden also expects below-average temperatures in December, January and February.

He added that Scotland and the North would face the worst weather, including possible ‘blizzard-like conditions’.

The UK and Ireland have also been forecast to experience extreme cold conditions and snow from the Arctic for prolonged periods.

Netweather, The Met Office, and  Weather Services International all essentially agree with Madden’s prognosis.

If it’s any consolation, WSI’s chief meteorologist, Dr Todd Crawford, told the Express: ‘We currently expect the coldest temperatures to be confined to western Europe.’

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11 thoughts on “Britain – Expect SNOW in October and an early winter”

  1. Yep..! It’s that darned “Global Warming” again. The hotter the climate becomes, the more it will snow. The more it snows, the faster the glaciers will melt and the seas will rise.

    In fact, the NEW global warming map shows that all this new snow is causing Greenland to warm up..! This has led to millions of acres of land, previously buried under 1600 ft of ice, to re-emerge.

    At the present rate of “Global Warming” we are likely to see snow on Miami Beach next July.
    As far as I can determine, from viewing Al Gore-gons latest media expose, the facts are such that the hotter it becomes, the colder it will be.

    I have some wonderful farm land for sale at the Northern tip of Greenland; if anyone is interested in a long term investment opportunity. Currently, farmers in the immediate vicinity of the property are raising ice cubes, icicles, and snowballs. However, beginning next summer they hope to have a fine crop of Eskimo Pies ready for picking.

    • can I claim Carbon Credits for investing in your eskimo pies please:-)
      they do?? grow on trees don’t they:-)
      or is it Yamal cherries I am thinking of picking?

  2. I wonder if they will be scrambling to produce enough energy to keep things running or if they learned their lesson (from last year was it?) on how wind powered generators are useless in cold still air masses.

  3. And they won’t invest in any more snow-removal equipment or other silly things like salt for the roads, because the Met assures them that global warming will soon make snow a thing of the past….

  4. What’s James Madden’s & Exacta Weather’s track record in predictions?
    There’s plenty of folk that now say cold winters are here to stay. I even heard ‘cold winter 2011/12’ on the radio, which for the last 5 years has been predicting BBQ summers and mild winters ( and getting it wrong every time )
    Normally I would agree, cold winter again. But 2 things have happened.
    1 – sun has been more active recently ( Schwabe maximum ).
    2 – radio say cold winter.
    given that…
    active sun = warmer weather
    radio always gets it wrong
    …I’m not as sure as I’ve been in previous years that this winter will be mega cold like the last one. Colder than ‘average’ – I’m confident of.

  5. in Romania, last year, we had snowfalls in October, and this spring we had snowfalls in early May.
    Fall forecast is below average, i wonder if we will see snow in October again.

  6. Love your site and books Robert! Essential reading. I expect a cold winter here in the UK this year, but the very reliable Piers Corbyn of Weather Action thinks October will be WET and MILD – see his pdf comment on the newspaper reports at or see the Twitpic version at Piers has a fantastic track record for accurate long range forecasting – including the emergence and track of Hurricane Irene 87 days in advance! Plus many other extreme weather events affecting the USA. His Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique (SLAT) of weather & climate forecasting confirms that man-made global warming is a hoax and that we can expect global cooling. For those that have been convinced by recent speculation about galactic cosmic rays driving our climate, he points out that the Sun sends 300 times the quantity of particles to the earth, and so is the much more important climate driver. Either way, it’s not man driving the climate! The latest thread on his site has been described as astonishing As I’ve contributed to that, I’m rather pleased! Piers sites: and!/Piers_Corbyn Best wishes, Nick

  7. Reading my post, I may have given the erroneous impression that Piers forecasts only cover the USA. Whilst they give fantastically helpful advance warnings of the extreme weather you get in the USA, his forecasts are just as helpful for the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Check them out at and!/Piers_Corbyn And no, I do not work for Piers. I am just an enthusiastic follower of his ground breaking work, just as I am of Robert’s revolutionary theories. Indeed, it was comments on Ice Age Now that led me to Piers complementary work.

    Best wishes, Nick

  8. The only thing either solar or wind power is good for is back up power; use it to charge up capacitors and/or batteries when it’s working, so that there’s an auxiliary power source for heavier peak power demand or when the primary generator needs to be taken off line.

  9. On a different note we are forecast 25-27c later this week in the uk. A nice start to Autumn. I have to disagree with the Piers comments I find him obnoxious. SOME of his forecasts are correct but there are an awful lot that aren’t. Last winter for example in the UK he was predicting severe weather Jan/Feb/March when it most definitely was not. December maybe, but then most others were saying the same thing. He’s probably right about the Sun’s influence but he obviously doesn’t understand it completely but then does anyone? His rant at Mcfadden et al was pathetic. I don’t think their work is any more accurate but at least it’s free!! Bastardi is about the only guy who seems to know his climate inside out – double dip La Nina etc.
    I’m totally on the side of Global Cooling but there is an awful lot of crap out there.

  10. I think it’s important here to distinguish between snow in the Northern/Scottish mountains and snow at low levels.

    Snow above 600m is usual in November and by no means uncommon in October in Scotland. I spent 7 years in the mountains up there and two of those years regularly saw complete snow cover above 800m most weekends in October. Twice there was no snow before March and once snow fell in June!

    Snow which lies below 300m for any period of time is what constitutes a hard winter in Britain. From about 1979 to 1987 we had a run of winters like that, now we seem to be starting another run of them. Reading historical books suggest that the 1930s were similar………

    I wouldn’t be surprised if winter came early simply because spring came very early this year and all the fruit has pretty much been harvested already, most of it arriving a few weeks early. So the seasons are a bit ahead of themselves right now…..

    The earlier the first snows comes to the Alps, usually the harder winter we get here. This year it’s mid-September that 18 inches fell to the valleys, the last couple of hard winters it was either mid October or early November. So that points to a hard one too.

    I’m more of the opinion that what we are seeing is PDO/AMO cycle manifestations though, not an entry into an Ice Age……

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