Britain faces green energy disaster – Plant outages and lack of wind trigger new blackout warning

Most serious supply crunch in four years.

Blackouts fear forces power alarm at National Grid,” reads the headline.

National Grid last night sent out an urgent call for more power stations to fire up to keep Britain’s lights on today after plant outages and low wind farm output increased the risk of blackouts.

The electricity system operator issued an “margin notice”, its most serious security of supply alert in four years, warning of a supply crunch between 4:30pm and 6:30pm today.

It forecast a shortfall of 740 megawatts, or 1.5 per cent, compared with the power plant capacity it wants to have available to meet demand and to provide back-up in case plants break down.

Sources said the operator was in talks for coal-fired power stations to fire up to provide back-up. EDF confirmed it had been asked to warm up its West

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12 thoughts on “Britain faces green energy disaster – Plant outages and lack of wind trigger new blackout warning”

  1. Unless a coal fired station is kept in ready reserve, it takes about 2 days to bring one up from a cold start. Uh, can I say told you so to those Brits who believed the greenies and their free power lies?

  2. I reckon anti climate change activists ought to sabotage the ability of any coal or gas fired backup just to show the lunatics of climate alarm how cold and bleak their future will be.

  3. Kinda looks like the US can expect the same soon.

    If elected Biden will fix the climate, ruin your coal, gas and oil industries and defund the police so all can share in the joy of “peaceful” BLM protesters yelling at you, and worse, at midnight demanding reparations.

  4. Great news, I hope he whole dumbass country has a blackout for a week or more!!

    Boris Johnson is obviously suffering some post Covid-19 malady or other.

    Time to retire him as well as Joe Biden!

  5. As described in this report the evening peak electricity demand in the UK on Thursday was only met by calling on coal power. This time of year the sun has set by the time of evening peak demand – so nil from sun. There was little wind – so despite tens of billions in subsidies wind met under 5% of demand. Imports from France, Belgium and Netherlands provided 7%. Coal provided 5% – what will happen when all the coal plants close in 5 years? The heavy lifting came from gas power plant (55%) and nuclear (18%). So much for the reality of green energy!

  6. The coal and gas power plants should have said: “No deal”! “Suffer with your own stupidity”!
    Then, not power up their plants!
    I know I’m not the only one that has stated “Renewable is not reliable”!
    Australia has made what I call “A temporary fix” with batteries, but the inherent problem still exists. One can bet the electric prices have yet to come down! Where is that “Solar is cheaper than coal” pricing!
    Why build two power plants when only one reliable plant is needed, especially one that is far cheaper such as coal?

  7. The Technocracy will let the Idiocracy have their way long enough to where only a ‘Great Restructuring’ and a ‘Great Reset’ will be able to put things back on their wheels again especially after the ‘Big Circuit Breaker of [real physical… not cartoon] Physics’ finally trips.

  8. classic! so if theyd canned the coal plants as theyre intending
    where would they go for power?
    french nuke imports at high cost?
    but the honest greentards should turn their poweer off if that was the answer cos nukes badder than coal/gas isnt it??

  9. I was driving through Cornwall towards dusk on November 5th. Running for home from a holiday cut short because the government had suddenly declared us Covid criminals. Cornwall has beautiful scenery but is littered with hideous windmills. The sun was going down, the magic mirror farms were finished for the day, there was clearly going to be an overnight frost and not one dam bird chopper was turning. The family mood was not great, so little conversation and plenty of time to contemplate the stupidity of UK “energy policy”. Started by the idiot Milliband, but worse continued by the ignoramus Johnson, who clearly keeps what little brains he might possess in his trousers under the control of his green freak latest squeeze.
    I live in a small very old house. Little that can be done to improve it’s insulation except bulldoze it and start again. We already spend a fortune on LPG and electricity to keep warm, and burn logs if we can scrounge them. Boris wants to restrict the sale of logs to kiln dried ones only, ban domestic coal and ultimately ban wood burners all together.
    I know I am facing fuel povity if I ever try to retire.

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