Britain to freeze for another week

Severe weather warnings across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland for high winds, snow and ice. 

UK is plunged into a -9C freeze.

Coastal villages evacuated amid fears of a 9 ft storm surge.

Norwich Airport closed completely this morning due to ‘unsafe levels’ of snow.

Travel chaos on the roads and rail networks, as heavy snow and hurricane-force winds reaching 80 mph batter Britain.

Next week the South East of England will be hit by another cold blast from Scandinavia and the Baltic region

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7 thoughts on “Britain to freeze for another week”

  1. Otherwise known as winter.

    The Daily Wail is just as bad as the Daily Express when it comes to exaggerated, sensationalist reportage.

    • There are warmish soggy UK winters and then there are harsh UK winters.
      In the UK they come round once every 10 to 12 years, usually on the lowest part of the decline to Solar Minimum and before the major ascension to Solar Max in the following Solar Cycle. This period is also usually marked with period of decadal oscillation of both the Pacific (PDO) and Atlantic (NAO) as now, in the atmosphere the Jet streams turn far more meridional than they are during the warm solar max period as now. Each of the more memorable winters in the UK over the last 120 years has occurred during the above described periods.
      The next five days of temperatures are likely to be as this weekend with a High Pressure system dragging warm wet air over the UK from the Western approaches. The period after that will be a much more South Easterly air flow over the UK from a very cold continent, with a major, cold and very dense High Pressure system sitting over the Baltic.
      The Pressure maps I look at are already predicting that the Atlantic low pressure system(s) are to commence the slide around the bottom of the high into the Mediterranean, instead of their normal track into the Baltic and Russia.
      When that happens, we in the UK get the wrong type of snow that lasts for weeks, and not a few hours while the wet snow turns to rain as the low transitions into the North Sea and we go back to the warm zone to the south of the Polar front.
      Like the political/religious terrorists, the tabloids only have to get it right once, the law abiding have to get it right every time, or people get hurt.
      With the massive change to rapid cooling underway, the Gullible Warmist have ensured that a great many people are going to get hurt by not being prepared for the cooling changes to come.

      • The first Snowdrop flowers are already out in the western part of the Scottish Highlands and though we’ve had the odd frosty and snowy periods, they have been not been long lasting and, by and large, like the rest of the UK, winter has only grazed past us. The BBC/Met office forecast for the coming week is for mild weather to continue and another ‘winter miss’. In the meantime the ‘Johnnie Foreigners’ in the EU are experiencing a long frigid spell, which just occasionally ‘illegally immigrates’ to the SE of England, causing consternation in the right wing, red top newspapers. What climatic blessings the Brexit vote has brought us already.

  2. so how are those nifty birdshredders going in the snow ice n high winds?
    inquiring minds want to know

  3. Wild exaggerations as it turned out. The floods didn’t happen. Here near Belfast, the temperature dropped to zero C, and we had 1 cm of snow in surrounding hills. We had a stormy night which blew a lot of twigs off the trees round my garden last Thursday, and I had to spend an hour raking them up! Today, it’s 8C here, with a slight drizzle. All about normal for mid-January

  4. Well, we’re in the Inner Moray Firth area: All that storms didn’t really materialise at all – but then we did have VERY strong winds BEFORE they were forecast due, and AFTER they were forecast past…. Must be something in those forecasts after all. Yes the winds howled, some things surprisingly blew about, or didn’t – related to wind gusts and direction. MAIN THING – The Fruit bushes, LILAC and Rootstock Plumtrees are breaking bud this now. Roses breaking new leaves and looks like odd blossoms wanting to pop out. Slugs climbing the walls of the house – how about that now – Mild n wet – couple inches snow gone to mud – just another wet mucky winter approaching 12″ rain this past couple of months….

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