Britain set to be chillier than Moscow and Minsk 

Temperatures to plunge from 20C to less than zero in just a few hours…

a marked contrast to balmy weather of up to 27C over past week.

Winds will turn increasingly northerly this weekend and bring much chillier air down over country from North.

Temperatures will be warmer in St Petersburg (21C) and Moscow (19C) in Russia and Minsk (18C) in Belarus

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12 thoughts on “Britain set to be chillier than Moscow and Minsk ”

  1. Meanwile, in Québec, they foerecast snow between now and the next few days, with 10 tomorrow, 7 degrees C max during the 16 th of May.. pretty off from the 21 degrés C we had today( 14)

  2. well for a change they gave decent warning times for farmers to get animals IN and under cover:-)

  3. Six years and a week ago there was snow on my car in Barrie, Ontario and this morning we had snow and rain. I’ll send pictures via e-mail later today.

  4. It has changed. From Friday evening it was colder. Saturday had a cold north wind but if you were sheltered and in the sun it was warm. Today the wind has swung to the SW and it is warmer. Further north they may well have had frost. My Buddleia shows frost damage from April where it went cold for a couple of weeks. The changeable weather is due to the meridional jetstream – although the usual warmist suspects will claim otherwise or lie through omission – which is a feature of Little Ice Age conditions.

  5. Not that bad here in Missouri, but I did have to turn on the heater and wear my winter coat to go out in the mornings for the last couple of days, after temps in the 70’s and 80’s F.

    I am quite anxious to see what June is going to be like. It is normally quite hot and humid/miserable by the end of June here. Anything that mitigates that is really OK with me. If Missouri ends up like Michigan, Minnesota et al, I believe I can live with it. They have beautiful summers!

    • “normally quite hot and humid/miserable by the end of June ”

      By the end of June?

      How do you people live in weather like that ??

      Here in SoCal it gets hot, sometimes really hot (105+) but it’s a dry heat (Very most of the time except mid to late August) !

      So it’s really never miserable, just hot !

      There’s no way that I could live in your type of weather!

      Humidity, how-do-you-sleep-at-night…

    • Lol you’d hate an Northern Minnesota winter….only hardy types like it up here in International Falls in January…if you are a fan of -40 then come visit during the ice festival

  6. Hasn’t the UK and Europe experienced something similar as far as Spring and early Summer temperatures during the past few years? Seems I remember my sister-in-law telling me that she nearly froze to death during a June trip to England and France last year, having only brought a light jacket.

  7. There are trees in the UK that have not started to produce leaves this year. It is going to be a poor year for growth. This year is following previous years where there is a blast of early season heat and then dropping back to a cold poor summer.

  8. RickS-When I lived out West, people there referred to Missouri as the state of Misery! I was in total agreement, which was why I left, but the Lord has brought me back here, and in spite of having to endure humidity and bugs, I see an abundance of food growing in the wild here. So I presume He has his reasons.

    But I liked Oregon a whole lot better. . . I miss the way things were in this country before 9/11. . . life is never going to be as free and easy as that again. . . glad I got my traveling in when I was young. . . now it’s all digging trenches.

  9. “There are trees in the UK that have not started to produce leaves this year.”

    The worst is yet to come. During the LIA, people were startled at night by loud reports as trees froze solid and cracked open.

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