Britain to be gripped by a ferocious snow blizzard

Polar storms will cause temperatures to plummet to a bitterly cold -5C. Vehicles stranded by snow.

15 Dec 2019 – The Met Office recorded heavy snowfall across western parts of Scotland and northern England overnight, with sleet developing in the South West. In some areas of northern England a fresh covering of snow left vehicles stranded. North Yorkshire Police said the A170 at Sutton Bank, Thirsk, was closed overnight and reported problems on the A59 Harrogate to Skipton road, in the Yorkshire Dales.

Further south, police warned of snow on the M62 at its highest point between Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire. There were also reports of a covering of snow in Cumbria and on the east coast near Scarborough.

The Met Office issued three yellow weather warnings for ice in Northern Ireland, the east coast from Sheffield up to Perth in central Scotland and northern Wales until 11am on Sunday.

Snow charts by weather forecaster Net Weather showed a snow blizzard heading towards north west areas of the UK, as well as western Scotland.

Temperatures overnight were forecast to fall to -5C in the Scottish Highlands.

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“And I thought snowfall was just a thing of the past?” says Argiris. “But not a single word of criticism in the MSM. Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past March 20, 2000”

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  1. Where I live, -5C is a mild winter day depending on the wind and humidity of the air. We don’t get the advantage of the warm air from the Atlantic ocean current and get hit with Arctic blasts quite regularly every year. We’ve adapted and actually wear warm clothing and use snow tires as part of our regular winter behaviour. From what I’ve read about this weather system, I wouldn’t be too worried about it because we are prepared for worse, generally.

  2. According to Washington Post Greta is right!

    The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot”, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from the Consulate at Bergen, Norway.Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard of temperatures in the Arctic zone.Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as
    Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.
    Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.
    Washington Post, November 2, 1922, 96 years ago.

    P.S. She does not fly BUT she goes around the Earth in a 15 Million Yacht. No carbon footprint I guess. 🙂

    • Solar cyclic climate change hard at work.
      During every period of Meridional Jet stream activity during the solar minimum period of 60% of the full cycle, warm Atlantic water is pushed into the Arctic around Scandinavia as far as Murmansk and far more during GSM periods.
      As can be seen from the cold air temperatures in this current of water it remains ice free, yet will water vapour will freeze solid to any metal surface,
      This flow of warm water which is the remnants of the Gulf stream is completing its 500 years warm water journey from the Pacific to the Arctic where it cools and sinks with the Spring cold run off of highly carbonated water which has rained out over the Polar regions of the Northern Hemisphere and returns that highly oxygenated/carbonated water back to the Pacific where it is injected into the base of the Pacific water column 500 years later.
      Sea water which commenced arriving in 1950 was rained out during the early part of the Spoorer Grand Solar Minimum; one of the deepest cooling periods of the LIA, that cold carbonated water has another 420 years of flowing into the Pacific before less carbonated water arrives from the warmer period after Dalton.

    • It’s a Rothschild banker yatch, I wonder what is really going on? Climate Maoism I suspect….have you noticed that all the Christmas adverts have red haired girls in? Predictive programming for the child stalin…

  3. At his rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump

    “The oceans are gonna rise an eighth of an inch within the next 250 years,” then feigning breathlessness. “We’re gonna be wiped out!”

    “Darling, I wanna watch television tonight, and there’s no damn wind. What do I do?”

    “I wanna watch the election results. Darling, there’s no wind, the damn wind just isn’t blowing like it used to because of global warming, I think”. “I think it’s global warming. Global warming – no more wind. No more life!”

    Way to go! Thank you Mr. President Trump!
    TRUMP 2020!!!

  4. when I look at the temperature forecasts on the BBC website and other websites, I get the feeling the temperatures are being made to be higher than what they are in reality…the true temperatures being under reported

    • I am keeping a daily record in NW London and December is milder than average but November was cooler.

      Are you actually measuring anything or just having feelings?

      • Agreed Rhys, but in reality winter tempretures are dependent on wind direction. In the Midlands the vast majority of rural areas are experiencing frosts, where as the citys are above freezing, which is a good example of the Heat Island effects. Particulary during the non rainy periods.
        UK met do point this out that towns will be warmer and less frosty, and yet a signiifcant proportion of tempreture monitoring sites are in more built up areas.
        However, Nicholas is right up to a point the BBC tempreture maps are based on a 24-48 hrs rolling average computer model to allow computer generated weather maps to be produced. The BBC climate models are known to run hotter than reality.

    • best way to be sure is get your own thermometer and rain gauge set up
      prob a yardstick for snowfall?
      oh unless its buried;-)

      meanwhile Aus is having a oh hell moment of around 40c for just about everywhere
      the sudden change for my area is very noticeable from avg days of 25 at best to damn near 40 the next day

    • If they are anything like the US, the temperatures will always be forecast to be higher in the winter and lower in the summer. Then they will say nothing about the fact that it was colder than forecast in the winter, but will make a big deal out of the temperatures being higher than forecast. “OMG, we are burning up!”

    • The BBC admit that when they show their forecast map – the temperatures they give are for the big cities only. Occasionally one of the forecasters says ‘temperatures in the country areas will be much colder’… Given that even in England, one of the world’s most crowded countries, about 85% of the land is countryside it inevitable means that the forecast maps show temperatures (particularly night-time temperatures) much too high.

  5. I wanted to enter this on magnetic reversal article, but it was closed. This is ongoing research that is led by a NASA employee working with students. The graphs didn’t transfer but they are on
    Your research should be shared with British researchers ASAP!

  6. Robert. Once again the content of this lastest post is ridiculously hyperbolic. Your usage of terms like ferocious/plummet/gripped mirrors the alarmist narrative of the climate hyping media during slightly above average warm summer conditions. The areas of the Uk that are going to be affected by this cold spell are the extreme north and areas in the northern midlands of Britain. They always get affected by cold, when its cold – in the winter! As someone who finds it practically impossible to get anyone to believe me that climatemania has changed from being a deluded, albeit well meaning hunch, into a full blown conspiracy the consistent hyping of insignificant events such as this makes it much more difficult for sceptics to even get a hearing from those who are neutral on the matter. Boy who cried wolf.

    • Maybe is time for you to move to MSM. As far as I know the First Amendment has not been revoked yet even the demonrats are working on it. It is Roberts blog and he can use ANY words he lakes.
      We like he’s posts and his work! If you attack him you attack all of us.
      Get a life.

  7. I’m living in the north of Ireland. In my almost 70 years I noticed that in the past 5 winters we’ve had 4 Novembers each winter rather than proper winters with occasional snowfalls. Even the current short ‘cold’ spell would have been considered average in the 60’s.

    • Global cooling is the long-term decline in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system, it does not happen in months, but years, especially grand minimums. This video will help you understand the complexity of climate change and the basic failings of the climate models on which anthropogenic warming claims are based.

  8. I hope all the kids take pictures because by 2012 snow will be a rare occurrence. Oh wait, what year is it? Another Global Warmist “expert IPCC scientist prediction gone awry.

  9. Its a shame that it isnt going to hit the RIGHT part of Britain that matters, the south east (Norfolk and home counties). Here we havent had snow now for 2 years, last time being February 2018.

  10. A very well made summary of the ‘state of play’ at the moment. Well made, scripted and presented. One to show your alarmist friends.

  11. “Heavy snow will return occasionally, says Dr Viner, but when it does we will be unprepared. “We’re really going to get caught out. Snow will probably cause chaos in 20 years time,” he said.”
    20 March 2000
    Finally the fool made a correct prediction.

  12. That is an over estimate. Only like this in Scotland above 2,000 feet and short lived. Turning mild 18th Dec.

  13. Interesting… I know they aren’t used to all that cold and snow.

    But also I am surprised at how cold it got here last night… down to 29 F, and I’m in southern AZ, only 60 miles or so from the border.

    However, I took a gardening class yesterday and apparently that isn’t abnormal to get occasional freezing temps here in winter. I just moved here in August, so just a surprise to me. Unfortunately all that “warmest year eva'” rhetoric in the news makes it hard to figure out what reality is and what to expect.

  14. Indy breaks another record with December 15 snowfall
    NWS recorded 4.3 inches of snow in Indianapolis

    Near Record Snow for 2019 (Iowa)

    More than 43 inches of rain and snow: Wisconsin and the Midwest recorded their wettest year ever in 2019

    Cosmic rays keep going up and are at a five year high.

    Iceland blizzard brings 149 mph winds, up to 10 feet of accumulating mountain snow

  15. This is an odd article. The headline looks like it is forecasting conditions whereas the article is reporting actual conditions- at least initially. I live very near one of the “hotspots” – but there was absolutely nothing bad there. There was a frost and up to 1” of snow but that’s quite driveable even without 4wd. It cleared very quickly.
    I think this is the sort of journalism you get when you’ve got an office full of new post-grads on minimum wage who have a quota of articles to get out each day. Real journalism appears to be well and truly dead.

    The met office released their official UK winter forecast and it is quite benign – being a wet westerly dominated winter. I also follow Gavs Weather Vids forecast and it forecasts a below average temperature winter for the UK which will oscillate between mild and cold as blocking highs below the arctic battle with a westerly train for supremacy. But getting progressively colder into March. I think Gav has a more believable forecast- but – hey it’s a weather forecast!

    We’ve had a poor autumn which was one of the wettest on record yet somehow the Met Office say it was “above average”. They must have moved countries…

  16. Living in Stockport in the north west the forecasts are never right
    it rains when they say sunny never what they say very frustrating

  17. The Express is about as reliable as the National Enquirer when it comes to weather forecasts. One I particularly cherish was for a 3 week heatwave which turned into one of the coldest Augusts in history.

  18. This is an exciting headline followed by a monumental non story. Want a real story look at DMI arctic sea ice volume… It’s mid December and Iceland is only around 30km from the ice edge, not normal and definitely worth a look.

  19. No snow here in East Anglia and no sign of any for Christmas Day. This article is an over exaggeration. There may be some snow over high ground in the north.

  20. There was snow on Cumbrian Mountains [Coniston/Windermere and at lower levels on hills and Combe.
    The Combe was clear by mid afternoon and the mountains and hills are now clear.

  21. I wish the Liberals would stop being stupid about Global Warming all it does is convince deniers being right. Don’t they realize they are not helping their cause? They just make things stuck so nothing can actually be done in investment and technology.

    When we are not as poor as Africa then we can start showing the world what we can do but until then remember “NASA was made for Muslims to get into Science” Obama’s words. We can’t fire a single rocket now while Space X is lightyears ahead as they should be.

  22. We have lots of ways to combat Global Warming WITHOUT sending our industry to China or making people not drive cars. We have LOTS of resources locked.

    Under the Cascades is the worlds largest water source yet it’s not being tapped into.

  23. Robert. Facile to retort that you are merely quoting others. You are the principal of this blog. It is imperative for principals of climate sceptic blogs to qualify, ad nauseum, when you are merely regurgitating hype from other outlets so as to clearly set out the content of each and every blog post. This will especially help those who are unfamiliar with the pros and cons of the climate science debate morass. This is critically important as you seem to be implanting your own personal view into various blog posts eg, your recent hyperbolics on how medicines globally will run out once an ice age suddenly kicks in. Here in Ireland, as in the rest of the First World, the general view is that ‘the science’ is now settled. Consequently, the media now blatantly censor any utterance that disputes the hype. Sceptics must be coherent and logical in everything they do and say so as to maintain the higher ground in what has now become by far the most egregious conspiracy and all-consuming hysteria in human history.

    • I also provided the link so you could read the entire article for yourself. If you don’t like the way I report, go elsewhere.

  24. The Express is nothing but a trashy sh– filled ragbag. Every year without fail they publish the same ‘Arctic Britain’, ‘The Big Freeze’ and ‘Ice Age’ headlines about 6 times from October to March. I believe they are not quoting science or meteorology, they are scaring us into stocking up on as much food as possible, to the point we empty the Tesco’s Metro Center shelves, but the food goes off before we get chance to eat it all. Never mind, the shops made a profit on our GULLIBILITY. The paper probably got a backhander.

    Please listen to informed British people when they say that the Express, Mail, Sun and Mirror are just not worth reading. The other papers are OK. My personal favorite is the Guardian but if you want the Establishment’s papers read the Times and the Telegraph.

  25. WISH it Would Hurry up and Snow Here in the West Midlands, Getting Tired of This Warm Clear WET Crap We’ve been Having….
    I KNOW Water is Life But COME ON Give us a Break!!!!

  26. -5C is around 23F if my math is correct. Here in Utah that’s very typical for three or four months straight. We’ve seen temps at night in the teens (F) quite a few times already. They are complaining about -5C??

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