Britain’s Excess Winter Deaths Soar

Highest in more than 40 years

As Statista’s Martin Armstrong points out, excess winter death figures are a good indicator of just how hard the cold season has been.

The winter of 2017/18 was especially hard and, combined with a strong flu and problems associated with vaccines, it was the worst winter for excess deaths in over 40 years.

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3 thoughts on “Britain’s Excess Winter Deaths Soar”

  1. Interesting gap in years which takes us to 1978 1 years before during solar minimum between SC20 (the cool sun period with monster UK winters example 63 the frost went into the ground over 2FT) and the first high energy solar cycle of the remaing three of the Modern Solar Warm Period SC21.

    Another solar decline finishing with a European SAW event coupled with long lasting Coronial Holes in the Sun’s atmosphere.
    Solar minimum period:
    NAO which match many of the Solar Minimum periods

    Given that we have 30 more years of a GSm to get though, with harsh winters based on my experience of SC20, flue can only get worse.

  2. Cold houses can cause excess death in an average winter. Inability to heat homes is far more likely than the outside temperature, which was only cold in March last winter.

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