Brutal winter ahead for Midwest

“People in Chicago are going to want to move after this winter.” said Long-Range Meteorologist Josh Nagelberg.

Bitterly cold blasts of arctic air are expected to invade the northern Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes December through January, with Minneapolis hit the hardest, says

Meanwhile, above normal snowfall is expected  from Minnesota and Iowa into New York and parts of West Virginia and Kentucky.

In terms of both snow and cold, this winter is expected to be the worst in Chicago.

See specific states and cities:
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18 thoughts on “Brutal winter ahead for Midwest”

  1. While Nero fiddles…
    Global warming fanatics and gullible governments around the world are preparing and spending(wasting)billions of dollars on Chicken Little’s pipe dream of runaway global warming when they should be readying for the coming cold. Question; how are we going to support 6 billion people with shortened growing seasons and millions of acres of farmland unusable because of ice, snow and cold? Answer; we won’t…

  2. I grew up in a small town about 60 miles west of Chicago in the 50’s and 60’s. We had lots of snow every winter and we had sub-zero temperatures, too, like 15 to 20 below zero. At least one or two winters it got down to 25 below. I moved away, but I remember contacting an old friend in the 90’s and she said that the winters had become relatively mild. Gee! Do you think this could be a cycle?

    • Robert has always said that what we are seeing is a cycle. This cycle is NOTHING like what we had in the 60’s. It will get VERY much colder with a LOT more snow.

  3. Theo: because the northern hemisphere has more land mass than the southern and when it gets cold that land has similar thermal properties to ice.

  4. You do very well, Robert, with all the forecasting and almanacking info available. The political rants are meaningless, though. The next Ice Age will–to our despair–crush Russia, Norway, Canada, and half of China and America (plus many places in between). No politics or government can do anything about that. Be crystal clear about how you’re in FAVOR of the human race, and you won’t have to rage against political wastes of money, tirades, etc. Cut the anger. Display the love. Even amid the glaciers.

    • It’s Roberts site and he has done VERY well with it not to mention his books without your help. Robert is stating the TRUTH of things and that is exactly what the vast majority of his followers want to hear. If you think you can do better, than go start your own website devoted to exposing the global warming fraud for what it really is. With love of course.

  5. Just out of curiosity, what can Florida expect this winter in terms of cold?
    We’re usually warmer this time of year. Not that I’m complaining you see 🙂

  6. The reason for the enthusiasm for carbon taxes and regulation on the part of greens and government is power and money and making the ten commandments written on the Georgia Guide Stones a reality.
    13 out of 14 people on earth dead to cut costs, make governing easier and to make life safer for the elites. Nice bunch aren’t they?

  7. I’m never going to discount any forecast until it has time to verify, but there seems to be a lot of chickens being counting before the egg has hatched.

    Long range forecasting is highly speculative. Let’s see if the “brutal winter” actually materializes

  8. Global Warming Strikes Again..! According to the “computer models” used by Al Gore and others, this is all because of the heating of the Earth; the hotter it becomes, the colder it will be. Makes perfect sense (if you’re a lunatic!) LOL

  9. Take a look at pine trees and note how many cones they have produced.
    Look at nut producing trees and note the large numbers this year.
    Look at berry producing bushes and note how loaded they are.
    Look at the wooly worms and note what
    colors they are.
    Plants and small creatures somehow know
    what to expect.

    And in my area the indications promise
    A C O L D W I N T E R!!!

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