‘Brutally cold air’ for northern Plains and Midwest his winter

Where is that global warming when we need it?

The colder air is set to arrive in late-November and could mean an early start to lake-effect snow showers, according to AccuWeather’s winter weather predictions.

AccuWeather forecaster Paul Pastelok predicts temperatures will plummet, averaging anywhere from 6 to 9 degrees lower than last winter.

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2 thoughts on “‘Brutally cold air’ for northern Plains and Midwest his winter

  1. Be careful trusting AccuWeather !

    AccuWeather will “forecast” Highs and then regardless of what the “actual” High was, AccuWeather will still call their forecast High as the actual High !!

    They-do-that-all-the “Time” !!!

    And AccuWeather’s forecast Highs are 90% of the time far above the actual High’s !

    On average 5 to 7 degrees above what actually takes place, like here in SoCal when the AccuWeather forecast High is 100° degrees and the “actual” High was 92° degrees !!

    Still AccuWeather posts a High of 100° degrees which-did-not-happen…

    And again, AccuWeather does it ALL-THE-TIME !!!!!!!


  2. I also found this to be true so I dumped accuweather and went to weather. Com as this has proven to be pretty accurate. Man with accuweather you would look at their temps and think it’s not too bad outside and them realize the cold hard truth was much different

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