Bryan, Texas, record-setting snowfall

Thousands of people across the Brazos Valley were still without power on Monday after Sunday’s record setting snowfall. Power crews were still working to restore electricity.

“It was pitch dark in our house. No lights and I woke up, my dog sleeps with me and my bed was shaking and I quickly realized it was because he was freezing cold,” said Alison Record, a Brazos County resident, who watched as linemen worked to get power back on in her neighborhood.

The blackouts were due primarily to downed power lines and downed trees.

“That was a very wet, heavy snow that we saw that can really weigh power lines and trees down and eventually they give way and break,” said Mike Connor, Bryan Texas Utilities Senior Energy Accounts Manager.

”Pretty much ripped the whole service down. We’re going to test it to make sure there is power or if there isn’t any power and then we can start working. If not we’re just, we’ll be hanging out waiting for BTU to respond,” said Abimael Sanabria, with Casiano Electric.

BTU didn’t have a timeline for when all the power would be restored.

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  3. Sunday the day of snow was not something you see in central Texas often. We had 7 solid hours of snow fall, most was the very wet big flakes. We see things like this only at night. Started raining about 2 am with thunder. At 8, the temp dropped 10 degrees and sleet started turning quickly to snow. Was a very magical day. Thanks global warming.

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