From bumper to oh sh–!

“Severe frosts a bitter blow to WA farmers hoping for record harvest,” reads headline.

“Farmers across Western Australia’s grain growing regions have been dealt a bitter blow, with their hopes of record crops dashed by frost just weeks before harvest.

Losses are “expected to be in the millions for some farmers.”

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“From bumper to oh shit! says Laurel.

2 thoughts on “From bumper to oh sh–!

  1. “”This is probably a one in 20-year September, in terms of the number and severity of frosts,” he said.”

    Pity he’s such an ignorant twit because he (and the rest of them) is going to get a nasty shock when it happens again next year and the years after that too.

    He probably gets his news from the ABC, The Australian Brainwashing Corporation.

    • 😉 ah another Aussie Stephen;-)
      see aunty is pushing a big rural MISinfo campaign to farmers now…
      coping with climate change
      as if it never does? did?
      dairy fell a sad case
      he researched it…using aunty and all the agronomy companies
      who PUSH no till chemical poison/gmo to “save the environment”
      poor bugger- he will pay for his not being thorough and being a sheeple

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