Burgundy wine growers on verge of bankruptcy

That’s what three years of frost can do.


“Just how bad is France’s wine shortage going to get?” asks French website.

Wine production in 2017 is “historically low” in France as a direct result of “extreme weather,” the article explains. (Do I detect an unwillingness to blame it on cold weather?)

According to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), volumes are down by a steep 19 percent on 2016’s production levels.

This comes after a disastrous 2016. when volume dropped to a 30-year low.

According to experts, this decline is the direct result of “extreme weather” in the three largest wine producing countries in the world.

Italy and Spain have seen volume drop by 23 percent and 15 percent respectively.

Vineyards have been hit by spring frosts in several areas, particularly Bordeaux and Jura, while hail was the culprit in Beaujolais.

On top of that, south eastern Vallée du Rhône has seen severe drought while southern parts of Provence and Languedoc have seen zero rain.

“Locally, there is already a lot of anxiety,” said Georges Haushalter, president of the Economic Commission of the Interprofessional Bordeaux Wine Council. “In Burgundy, for example, where they have had three difficult years because of frost, I have been told that wine growers in Pommard are on the brink of bankruptcy.”

Vineyards could lose out on about a billion euros this year, says Haushalter.


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11 thoughts on “Burgundy wine growers on verge of bankruptcy”

  1. I guess they will not be drinking a toast to the ‘Global warming/Climate Change™’ advocates congregating in Bonn.

  2. The French will use the CAP to support the growers.
    Vinyards in the UK will fare far more harshly. There is a probablity that the UK will catch several harsh, easterly based winters during the Solar Minimum between cycles, as now.

    • Normally once every 10 to 12 years, between solar cycles and when an NAO is establishing, the difference here is that the Sun is in a Grand Solar Minimum condition, and has been since 2008 and they have had three yearly events on the trot.
      It take ten years for the Heat of the previous Solar warm period to dissipate, and for the change over to the far more Meridional weather systems with blocking Highs parked over the North Sea.
      This generates an Arctic plunge of very cold air direct from the White Sea at the worst time for the flowering vines.
      I suspect you will find references to the loss of wine production in Europe for every GSM right back to the LALIA which started in 585 and every named GSM since.
      I suspect that the growing range for the vine will shrink much further south as the GSM progresses.

  3. They just need to have the Government of France supply around 100,000 thousand of those little Asphalt/Heavy Fuel Oil burning pots that keep the vines warm.

    Place one, or more, a few feet from every vine. The COAL BLACK smoke keeps the vines warm, while showing the Peoples of France that the Government cares.

    Thousands of acres of Fuel Oil burning are a beautiful site for Vineyard owners and are a fantastic site at night. The whole family can drive the country side seeing THOUSANDS of these pots burning OIL all night long 24/7 protecting the financial status of some of the world’s wealthiest families, Like the Mouton Rothschild Estate.

    Venezuela, a Workers Paradise Peoples Republic, exports vast quantities of HEAVY FUEL OIL tar and asphalt, that the thousands of oil burning pots can use.

    Everybody wins. Oil exporters, oil tankers, oil importers and the Peoples of France. French Vineyards only need to HEAT the atmosphere.

    • In northern CA the vimuards have heaters for early spring nights with frost. Not sure why they don’t have them in France.

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