Buried in winter at the beginning of autumn

Shrieking about “climate crisis”, while the Prairies are buried in winter at the beginning of autumn.


Buried in winter at the beginning of autumn

Ian Campbell

The media have to report the record snowfall in the Canadian Prairies, but they tiptoe around the subject, and certainly don’t discuss the ramifications for agriculture.

We are in the midst of a federal election campaign here in Canada. Media and politicians are shrieking about “climate crisis”, while the Prairies are buried in winter at the beginning of autumn. Little wonder that many in the western provinces are becoming increasingly angry.

As a farmer, I am quite concerned about the way the “Extinction Rebellion” and “Climate Crisis” folks have been vilifying agriculture. Production of meat and milk should be eliminated, according to them. They also seem to be opposed to the production of our major grain crops.

Yet most of these folks live in the industrial west, which has the safest, most abundant supply of food that mankind has ever enjoyed. Some of our critics even go so far as to suggest that most of our agricultural lands should be “rewilded”.

It strikes me that the parts of the World where the most human progress has occurred; where democracy has taken firm root; and where moves to eliminate injustices based on gender, race, etc. are strongest, enjoy the foundation of a strong agriculture and food system.

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  1. “…enjoy the foundation of a strong agriculture and food system.”

    Say bye-bye to that. One more year like this one, and a lot of those advantages will go by the board.

    We have no food reserves. It’s sickening what the underminers of this country have gotten away with right under our noses these last few decades.

    • They the under-miners were protected by the government, media and academia plus interested special interest groups and in many cases they are one and the same..

      Given the right circumstance though the miscreants might just fall prey to a disaster of their own making in addition to the result of natural cycles. Rest assured that not all sins go unpunished in this world.

  2. I hate to suggest it but…
    plaster all your facebook pages with the snow and temps
    as well as the twit thing
    because a huge majority of the sheeple ONLY use those antisocial medias for any news or the small reading they manage
    meanwhile in Aus moving into spring..we had another 5c night 15 c at most day and the NSW and Vic alp were tipped to get snow
    judging from my white with cold fingers at 11am there was snow, because the sth s/w winds were bitterly cold

  3. Yes except Bernier who explicitly stated during the last debate that he doesn’t believe there is a climate emergency. I’m very surprised he was allowed to take part in the debate to be honest, considering his views on climate and immigration. Im not sure what sheers official stance on climate change is, but I’d bet it’s not the alarmist doom that comes out of Trudeau and Jagmeet. God help us if if either of the latter two win the election.

  4. Look at the sky line in paintings from the times of the Maunder Minimum and look at the cloud formations/ coloration today. See a pattern here??

  5. Hello
    The same in France and Europe
    When People do not need to search and fight for their food or grow their own they have time for other things like the futilities you mention and time to criticise the people who grow the food for them
    And these People are in the to impose their view of agriculture to the developing countries in Asia and africa

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