Burning Climate Skeptics at the Stake – Video

Dr. Sallie Baliunas discusses the Little Ice Age and the history of people’s superstitious reactions to extreme weather.

Dr Baliunas, an astrophysicist, lays out a great read of propaganda and the manmade global warming crowd.

Only seven minutes long, this eye-opening video is well-worth watching.

The Little Ice Age lasted about 500 years, but the most severe period during the Little Ice Age occurred in Europe between 1550 and 1700, says Dr Baliunas. That was also probably the harshest period of weather in the last 1,000 years, if not longer.

Crop failure, starvation, disease, death and social unrest

The severe conditions in climate brought about crop failure, starvation, disease, death and social unrest.

Because people “knew” that with Satan’s help one could “cook the weather,” the extreme weather and harsh conditions during that period contributed to mass executions and Witch Trials.

Witch trials were completely legal and were administered by highly educated upper level social strata.

50,000 skeptics executed

Skeptics were considered sorcerers or witches and were tortured until they confessed. Then they were executed.

It is now estimated that some 50,000 executions took place across Europe.

Dr. Sallie Baliunas is a retired astrophysicist.  She formerly worked at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and at one point was the Deputy Director of the Mount Wilson Observatory. Her awards include the Newton Lacey Pierce Prize by the American Astronomical Society, the Petr Beckman Award for Scientific Freedom and the Bok Prize from Harvard University. In 1991 Discover magazine profiled her as one of America’s outstanding women scientists.

Strong correlation to energy output of the sun

According to Dr. Baliunas, the 20th Century temperature pattern shows a strong correlation to energy output of the sun. Although the causes of the changing sun’s particle, magnetic and energy outputs are uncertain, as are the responses of the climate to the Sun’s various changes, the correlation is pronounced. It explains especially well the early 20th Century warming trend, which cannot have much human contribution.

Thanks to Bill Gannon and tomOmason for telling me about this video.


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  1. Al Gore, the IPCC and others have been “Cooking the Weather” by claiming “Carbon” as the cause of recent warming. Furthermore, they are all guilty of rewriting the climate history, distorting climate facts, and bilking $Billions, if not $Trillions, from the masses for overpriced, unreliable, short term, and ugly solar and wind power to reduce their claimed “Carbon problem”! They definitely need to be punished!

    Do you think I will live long enough to see Al Gore and other “GloBull Warming Warlocks and Witches” burned at the stake?
    Too Horrific? Ok! I’ll settle for them being banished to Antarctica with no shoes!

    • “With a rifle you can get your country back”
      Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that point!
      If “We” vote these “Socialists” out, we can keep our country!

      Here is a spark of good news:
      ‘Something’s in the water’: Florida Republicans see surge in voter registration ——
      see: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/24/florida-republicans-voter-registration-surge-420936

      “MIAMI — Republicans have closed the traditional voter registration gap with Democrats to an historically small margin in Florida, triggering a wave of Democratic apprehension in the nation’s biggest swing state.”

      “In the absence of such efforts, a concerted drive by President Donald Trump’s Florida campaign to register voters has helped cut the state’s long-standing Democratic advantage to fewer than 185,000 voters, a gap of just 1.3 percentage points, according to data from the Florida Division of Elections released this week.”
      “In August, Republicans added a party record of almost 58,000 new voters — a 91 percent increase compared to August 2016, the Florida election data show. The number of new Republicans added in August is 41 percent more than the number of new Democrats who registered. Democratic registration, meanwhile, was 6 percent lower than the total racked up in August 2016.”

    • Eugenics often works on those who take a knife to a pistol fight although a man with a knife within 30 feet along with the element of surprise could probably have most anything he wants/needs… but it does require breaking some of the current rules on social distancing… masks are good too as req’d.

      There may also have been an alternative eugenical logic being used to target “witches” and likely more than a few warlocks during previous entries and ongoing GSM ‘cold snaps’… and coincidentally there’s no shortage of adrenochrome pizza/boy lovin’ satanists around today again… there sure were alot of creative vatican inspired inventors and inventions back then too.. with no TV… you can imagine. Gotta love technology and all those creative ‘mothers’ of invention throughout history providing entertainment.
      Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention

  2. It’s got to be the ‘real’ astro/geophysicist captains and eugenics lovin’ farmer obvious(es) throughout history [and especially now] that were/are the biggest pain in the a$$ to TPTB.

  3. Evidence for extreme export of Arctic sea ice leading the abrupt onset of the Little Ice Age
    Science Advances 16 Sep 2020
    We find robust evidence for extreme export of sea ice commencing abruptly around 1300 CE and terminating in the late 1300s. The exceptional magnitude and duration of this “Great Sea-Ice Anomaly” was previously unknown. The pulse of ice along East Greenland resulted in downstream increases in polar waters and ocean stratification, culminating ~1400 CE and sustained during subsequent centuries. While consistent with external forcing theories, the onset and development are notably similar to modeled spontaneous abrupt cooling enhanced by sea-ice feedbacks. These results provide evidence that marked climate changes may not require an external trigger.

    Hard Times in the Climate Denial Business for the Heartland Institute, July 29, 2019
    In addition, the speakers for a conference with an audience of mostly old, white men consisted of mostly men. Out of 27 listed speakers, only two were women. The speaker line-up drew from the usual suspects in climate denial circles, such as Tim Ball, Myron Ebell, and Christopher Monckton.
    Climate science denial doesn’t seem to be a welcoming place for women. Organizations promoting climate science denial in the UK employ few women, and female climate scientists report frequent gender-based attacks and harrassment, mostly from men. Heartland’s core demographic doesn’t bode well for its future. [maybe need to enlist more vegan lib multiletter MTF transmen/women with real science logos?]

    Welcome to the DeSmog Climate Disinformation Research Database where you can search and browse our extensive research on the individuals and organizations that have helped to delay and distract the public and our elected leaders from taking needed action to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and fight global warming. Choose a tab below to view the lists of climate science denier individuals and organizations.
    Lots of heretics and that’s not even including RWF, Witzsche, Heller, Davidson, Dubyne, Westbrook and Casey who didn’t make the list either… and after all you guys have done… pity, eh? The jolly astrophysics heretics.
    Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic

  4. From https://electroverse.net/unprecedented-spring-snow-and-low-temps-hit-australia/

    (how tedious that ‘unprecedented’ word is becoming – TM)

    As predicted, a blast of brutal Antarctic air has been diverted anomalously-far north on the back of a meridional jet stream flow and is engulfing both Australia and New Zealand.

    Multiple Aussie regions are suffering their coldest September temperatures ever recorded, and out-of-season snow is burying parts of South Australia, Victoria and NSW as the Grand Solar Minimum ramps-up its intensification.

    The video from the piece —

  5. Only a team of real “scientists” would claim that the mini ice was triggered by an increase in arctic sea ice, and not the other way around.

    The more “scientific” research that I find on the internet, the more I see we’d actually be better off with witches, warlocks and soothsayers in the climate business, at least then their predictions would come true about 50% of the time.

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