Burning fossil fuels COOLS planet, says NASA – Uh huh

How’s this for hypocrisy? Fossil fuels now cause both global warming and global cooling.

For years, it has been pounded into us that fossil fuel burning produces high levels of carbon dioxide, which, in turn, causes global warming.

But a little publicized study from NASA found that the Earth has cooled – cooled! – in areas of heavy industrialization where more trees have been lost and more fossil fuel burning takes place.

The study found that aerosols created by burning fossil fuels actually cool the local environment, at least temporarily.

A NASA spokesman said it was “well known” that aerosols such as those emitted in volcanic eruptions and power stations, act to cool Earth, at least temporarily, by reflecting solar radiation away from the planet.

He added: “In a similar fashion, land use changes such as deforestation in northern latitudes result in bare land that increases reflected sunlight.”

The study found existing models for climate change had been too simplistic and did not account for these factors.

Ya’ think?


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52 thoughts on “Burning fossil fuels COOLS planet, says NASA – Uh huh”

  1. The deserts have a greater labedo than bare ground and trees.
    Snow has the greatest labedo created by the aerosols emitted from humans and volcanoes.

  2. There are predictions from some AGW skeptics that the warmists will switch from the global warming scam to the global cooling scam (blaming it on man) as the coming natural cooling occurs.


    Frickin TRADERS (To the United States of America first, And Traders to the “Human Race” period !)

    In the “old” days (50 years ago), Traders were executed !!!

    Firing Squad… !

  4. I was always taught in science you cannot have two theories to explain a phenomena. If you had two, then one at least had to be wrong. Which one? I was taught that in such circumstances both are possibly wrong; you go back to the beginning and check the data to verify its accuracy and application. Then you theorize again, having verified a hypothesis.
    A forbidden word in my time was ‘believe’. It should never be used in establishing scientific fact. In science I was taught there are only facts, not beliefs. It is, or it is not. Even in my time, there were and are accepted theories that do not meet these standards. Because scientists of repute got them written into books, they became accepted.

  5. Well it’s time to take people’s jobs and charge them more for necessities. That’s what their agenda is. They care nothing for anyone but themselves, whether it be enriching themselves or securing their jobs. Maybe these rich liberals could quit with the bottled water and wine to help the environment. Its obvious they are setting their studies up to where, no matter what weather we have people caused it. The weather is going to change and they are trying to corner the market on it to get rich I.E. Al Gore.

  6. Total rubbish. NASA have to justify why their fake CO2 warming thing doesnt work so as the planet IS cooling they have to come up with an excuse (for their fakery).

  7. Hey they’re just covering their asses – now they can say “TOLD YOU SO!!!” no matter what happens, lmao! And heck, they can just throw out any data points that don’t fit their agenda anyway (as they’ve done in the past), so really you can call it whatever you want, but all it really amounts to is a big pile of horse poop.

  8. Blame cow flatulence. The cows are causing the end of the world. They may appear to be docile bovines (except the ones with balls and horns and bad attitudes), but in reality they are ALL plotting to take over the planet by farting their way to the top. I know this to be true because a cat told me, and cats know things.

  9. Since the solution to preventing Global Warming is to purchase Carbon Credits from Al Gore’s company, will he now also start selling Carbon Debits to prevent Global Cooling?

  10. Dear friend, CO2 levels are man made only.
    That’s mainstream… that’s all.
    But we know that Science biased by whatever ideology is no longer Science.
    Such claims may last for some times (or fund lasting) but truth shall overcome inexorably.
    An italian idiom goes, more or less: “devil can make a pan but not its lid” meaning that he uses his tricks but (luckily) he can’t hide them.
    Let’s express our doubt as much as we can, it will help truth.

  11. If you notice that the greatest amount of western warming since the 1960s has taken place as the Western powers cleaned up their energy production processes to remove aerosols, and pollutants from Smelting ore, Railway steam engines, power production, Coke production, Coal gas production and Electricity production, with base load moving over to nuclear.
    Even motor cars are producing more energy with increased mileage with less than half of the emissions they did with the removal of Lead (a very good thing) and SO2 via sulphur removal during refining.
    Instead of blaming Carbon, perhaps we should blame the EPA for being too successful over polutant removal and lying about AGW.
    Although, we should always remember that the Sun has three settings for energy production: High, Medium to Low, and a very low simmer. Low simmer is where we are now, and will be for the next 30 old years.

  12. Id like some ‘splaining how DARKER cleared soils reflect much at all…
    they really DO play the “theyre all gullible sheeple” line don’t they?

    • You’re dead right Laurel – dark soils absorb strongly.

      I often wonder if NASA “scientists” have ever been to the beach where the light coloured shiny sand can be so hot during the day you can’t walk on it in bare feet comfortably.

      How do they explain the hottest surface temperature of 70+°C recorded in a desert in Iran by Landsat where the soil/sand in brown coloured while the lighter coloured surfaces still exceed 50 – 60°C ?

      Oh, that’s right – Minus 20 °C from the Sun and 90°C from the atmospheric back radiation.

  13. Amazing how a Trump president elect causes a global climate rethink, the train of warming is about to hit the buffers.

  14. In the 1970s, scientists predicted a mini ice age, massive starvation due to overpopulation, and running out of oil. None of which happened. Now they can’t seem to decide if we are going to destroy the eaeth with global warming or cooling. Lets call it what it is: they want research dollars any way they can get them.

    • Two factions. In the 70’s 30 scientists approached the UN to address a global warning concerning the approach of an ice age. The UN put them off for two years until their own team of scientific people could put together the Global warming concept. I third party with letters or an acronym joined and supported the Global warming side of the argument. It was rumored that the acronym group was a super secrete organization dedicated to depopulation of the earth. Any of this sound familiar.

      I remember the first news announcements. The media was not kind to the scientists and mocked them terribly. Once they made their announcement to the UN many of the scientists had the funding dry up. Others today have taken their places and are beating the drum as long hard and loud as possible.

      It’s too late to make any real difference for America. The nation is unprepared. Our energy grid is delapidated and produces less energy that we need going forward and our people haven’t even got the clothes needed for the coming cold let lone food.

  15. Time to drain the empty headed swamp of nasa employees who could not find real scientific private sector jobs in early rounds of budget cuts because of this kind of thinking.

    • No, the “pause” was the 10 year tipping point between ever rising average temperatures and its 3C or more decent into the cold abyss of a mini ice age, like Oort, Wolf, Sporer, Maunder and ending with Dalton period.
      Fortunately, this Modern Solar Grand minimum is a paired event of two cycles, similar to the LILIA event in AD600, but without the major volcanic eruptions which ushered in the European Dark ages, and cause so much cold climate change that it forces the Angels and Saxon horse tribes to migrate Westward out of Russia, into Western Europe, populating the Baltic coasts and what is now England as they went.
      A migration lasting over a hundred old years, on foot and by horse, year by year. Settlement, by Settlement.
      Climate change is very real and it is a normally warm, benign climate change over a 140 year period, it resets its effects with a savage cold period of around 32 years, as now, all driven by how much energy is emitted by the Sun as its output is moderated by the moving position of the Solar System BarryCentre, or Gravity Well, which the Sun orbits.

  16. You can have your cake and eat it too?? I will say that where I live, it is highly industrialized for production of fossil fuels and it is unquestionably warmer now than it was in the 70’s when I was growing up. Global warming is indisputable here in this area. The cause?? That is what is highly questionable. I’m more concerned about the effects of pollution.

  17. Why would bare land reflect more sunlight? If it were to be grassland, how different would reflectivity be as compared to forest cover? Still lots of photosynthesis going on. If the land were to be cropped (i.e. ‘blackened’), would it not absorb more sunlight?

  18. Here comes the next maunder minimum and they are trying to get their stories ready to match the coming decades of cold. They are now totally exposed for their superfluous garbage . Just goes to show they have been making decisions based on politics rather than real science all along. The sun is the driver of all weather in this solar system. Cut all funding now, fire all climate scientists.

    • It took over a decade for nutritionists to admit that eating fat doesn’t cause people to gain fat. The evidence and science was out there for anyone to find, if they chose to go against the grain.

      I imagine it’ll take about the same time for meteorologists to jump onto the Grand Solar Minimum train… I don’t think they have that long, however.

      But a sudden shift from warming to 30-50ish years of freaking cold may alarm the public that the USofA’s scientists are all politicized.

  19. Come on NASA what is it, what the heck are you guys getting paid for? Can you not do any real research, or are you doing real research but then lying about what you know to be true? Global warming and now global cooling, and because you want to bounce back and forth from lie to lie that you decided to call in climate change? You know if you just stick with the truth you can actually stand tall and hold your head high not wavering, you will then know what integrity and self respect is. As a matter of truth you will earn respect from the very people you are now lying to, the very people that pay your wages. Just start speaking truth NASA and you will be satisfied regardless of what the truth is. Good day

  20. Morocco: Source: National News Agency
    Then filming this video on Friday, 16- Dec, 2016, and you see the side of the suffering of the drivers with the road leading to the No. 8 Ifrane from Fez. This is the entrance to the city of Ifrane, and as you can see unilateral way do not meet the huge number of cars and trucks and expatriate city and suffers with bus drivers for many problems when snowfall in the region. Deuteronomy road linking Fez and Ifrane has become very urgent need for the promotion of tourism and life, Switzerland, Morocco.

    Syria: Snowfall on the northern Homs Published on Dec 18, 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKnzPgT8JXo

    Bodir, Morocco, Dec 18, 2016

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    Snowfall in the door Bodir Taza ❄
    Snow closes the road between Azilal Demnate and for two days and people trapped.

    Syria, snow in Al Rastan, Dec 18, 2016

    Morocco, Published on Dec 17, 2016 Breathtaking views between the cities of Imouzzer Ifrane and snow-covered

    Reader’s comment: Snowfall in Morocco is not published by the Dutch MSM, also the snowfall in the USA is not on the Dutch television news. Big green doesn’t want us to know this. Every burning tree in Australia makes headline news, though

  21. Gee who would have thought that man caused climate change was responsible if it was too hot and too cold. What a racket. I want some of that Al Gore “indulgences” money or what is it he calls it – carbon offsets. Yeah that’s it. Go ahead and pollute all you want as long as you pay Al to shoot his mouth off and invent things like the internet. What a scam! This beats that Nigerian email thing hands down.

    • Unfortanetly no matter what happens the climate change scare will continue and they will continue to make excuses that fit their billion dollar agenda no matter what you do. There is no way to defeat them. But the facts that the sun is the main driver of climate change cannot be changed or reworded by false imformers like our governmental agencies and environmental organizations such as the IPCC. Don’t let them change your mind set. The science is settled my friend.

  22. The beauty of the climate change postulate is there is nothing in nature that contradicts climate change.
    Aside from being meaningless it is an “effective” line for the liars on the left.

  23. And yet it may seem our generation of idiots will continue to believe false science whether it is changed 5 times or a million times:

  24. Don’t worry after this little ice age man made global warming will continue! It’s just taking a break but it will be back! LOL MY ASS

  25. Be sure to watch Algores new movie the inconvient truth 2. It explains why he’s wrong but why he promises that we are all going to die eventually because the whole earth will be underwater! Just not now. LOL. I wish I could watch it and laugh my ass off at it but I just don’t want to waste my precious time with false junk science.

  26. It’s all about funding. Govt hands our billions to these idiots who live like leaches off our tax dollars because they can’t get real work that pays from companies making prophets for what they do while looking at clouds and space through telescopes.

  27. I don’t mean to burst your bubble but the Express Newspaper you link to in the article is an absolute joke of a paper and always has been in the UK. This is the same paper that reports each November that we’re going to experience “Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon” and we end up having half a day of wet snow, if we’re lucky, followed by yep, you guessed it, more mild wet weather.

    You’re all entitled to your opinion but let’s be clear here. If we all do as they say and switch to renewables, cut our emissions, use electric cars etc etc and for some unknown reason the thousands of scientists and studies are wrong what’s the worst that will happen? The world will be cleaner? There will be more jobs created form the new industries and technology being implemented? We’ll all be healthier? Our oceans cleaner? Our children are given better opportunities an get to see the world? Less migration of people and famine?

    Or, we could pretend this is a script from a conspiracy movie and ignore it. Unfortunately it’s getting pretty hard to ignore the actual facts that are occurring globally each year. But, if it makes you feel better, keep “sticking it to the man” and believing it won’t happen when in reality, it’s the biggest threat to us all.

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