Burning skeptics at the stake for causing climate change – Video

Dr. Sallie Baliunas discusses the Little Ice Age and the history of people’s superstitious reactions to extreme weather.

Dr Baliunas, Staff Astrophysicist at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, lays out a great read of propaganda and the CAGW crowd.

Only seven minutes long, this eye-opening video is well-worth watching.

The Little Ice Age lasted about 500 years, but the most severe period during the Little Ice Age occurred in Europe between 1550 and 1700, says Dr Baliunas. That was also probably the harshest period of weather in the last 1,000 years, if not longer.

The severe conditions in climate brought about crop failure, starvation, disease, death and social unrest.

Because people “knew” that with Satan’s help one could “cook the weather,” the extreme weather and harsh conditions during that period contributed to mass executions and Witch Trials.

Witch trials were completely legal and were administered by highly educated upper level social strata.

Executing skeptics

Skeptics were considered sorcerers or witches and were tortured until they confessed. Then they were executed.

It is now estimated that some 50,000 executions took place across Europe.

Thanks to Bill Gannon and tomOmason for telling me about this video.

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  1. Saudi Arabia, friend of the last 5 US Presidents (if not more) still executes people accused of sorcery or witchcraft, as well as Atheism[12], Homosexuality, Blasphemy, Adultery, Rape[10] (although hard to prove), Drug smuggling, Armed robbery, and Burglary

  2. The part about 3 feet of Hail is really scary.

    Back in 1550, there was not 7+ Billion to feed.

    When your entire crop production is wiped out, and your population may be 300 Million in the area, rather than 10 Million in 1550, the starvation will be horrific.

    It sounds really bad for 10 Million to face starvation……but with the same amount of “NO” food, 300 Million starving? …………..a HELL of a thought…………….This isn’t going to turn out well.

    • “This isn’t going to turn out well” ?

      Well Centurion, what-if some THING comes along and virtually instantly “removes” any and or cooling/freezing stages across tbe entire planet/globe ???

      “Instantly” !

      My how that person (Thing) would be celebrated by most all, a perfect miracle to/for all Human Beings ? !!!

      At least for a time, a time and a half of a time (Roughly 7 years)…


  3. Today’s “Progressives” and “Liberals” would happily imprison and kill thousands of skeptics who question the theory of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change. They have openly stated so. I love the anti-tolerant tolerance of the Left. Their love is hate. Their reason is irrationality. Their religion is death.

  4. … if Islam continues at it’s present pace; which it probably cannot, Islam wins. The demographics prove that. But for America, with the Immigration of mideastern Moslems and southern Christians, we are guaranteed hundreds of years of religious war. As long as they have food; that is!

    • “hundreds of years of religious war” ?

      Please see 1967 Israeli war, when the clock truely started !

      100 years, think not, how about just about now, + or – 30 years from todays date…

      EOD !

      It’s the Sign (Of the Southern Cross)

  5. I’d like to know if skeptics in all countries of Europe were subject to trials as witches? Did any country go against the tide?

  6. The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 were interesting.
    It was during a cold part of the LIA and started with children having unusual fits. Cold, damp weather and with poor storage rye can grow a mold called ergot. When eaten it creates symptoms which compare to madness.
    Beyond the children some sort of paranoia developed and with personality clashes turned to hysteria.
    The magistrate was an Harvard educated man.
    Some eighteen witches were executed.

  7. Thanks Robert for showing this highly entertaining and informative video. When individuals are judged by the mob rule and not proper process then all of society looses. Fear and dictatorial methods replace civility and the rule of law through burden of proof.

    As twitter and facebook and the rest reveal, mob rule is still with us, destroying peoples’ lives with rumor, innuendo, and improbable accusations — and even judges of the highest courts can be in the mob’s firing line.

  8. How the hell do you know the witches didn’t cause climate change? God punishes good and destroys evil and soon you will all be punished.

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