Business as Usual at the National Geographic

The January 2018 issue has an article “Last Ice,” p. 90, the intro:

“Later this century, forecasters say, the sea ice that covers most of the Arctic will be reduced to a strip above Greenland and Canada. It will become a refuge for polar bears an other wild creatures as they fight to survive…”

Thanks to Harold J. Satterfield for this link

Yeah, sure, maybe those poor polar bears can move to the Great Lakes, which have a good chance of completely freezing over this year. (See Great-Lakes-have 9x-the-ice-coverage-of-this-time-last-year

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  1. The powers that be and their fellow travellers can’t afford to quit now. They have to keep lying untill there are only 500 million people left on earth who can be controlled by communist techniques.
    Otherwise people might wake up, get mad and kick ass bringing down the globalist oligarchy and their ilk.

  2. Interesting article from LiveScience about new satellite data that suggests the Ocean floor is sinking.

    I came across the link from a YouTuber who’s been making videos on how the loss of sand around some islands is causing false readings about sea levels on said islands, which may have been mentioned on this site before but worth a revisit considering the new satellite data.

    • I was looking at some old issues from the 60s a few days ago, and they were great. Wha’ hoppened? They ruined a fine magazine with propaganda.

  3. Great timing NG as some of the coldest temperatures in decades extend into Florida. Climate change/global warming is built on a lie; without constant lies about its effects, usually far out in the future, it would be in history’s dust bin. You can’t even line a birdcage with the printed version of their mag.

  4. I first thought this was an article from the infamous Al Gore years, until I saw that 2018 date… just like their ‘Russia,, Russia, RUssia’ propaganda, or their BTFD push.. the govt scientist have to play their role in this farce as well…

  5. Inconvient dry land between feeds? Almost every time I’ve seen video footage of Walrus they are invariably on dry land basking in the warm sunshine. They sleep, fight and protect their calves on dry land. What is this bloke taking to make him think that the Walrus can’t do without ice. Were these global warming fanatics born delusional and scared of absolutely everything or what?

  6. National Geographic lost my subscription when they put that poor, sad, unhappy “boy” on the cover and trying to tell the readers that such was “normal”.

    I actually called and verbally CANCELLED and told them why. That one move took me out of my social “shell” and from them I have spoken MY mind.

    That magazine cover (and others), as well as Globalist Warming, OFFENDS ME, thus I shall state my facts and I do not care who is offended.

    National Pornographic is a tool of the Elite and I am sick of giving them any of my hard earned Federal Reserve Notes.

    He, NG, at the end of this century, Canada will be under 500 feet of Glacial Ice all the way down to the massive West Virginia coal mines…which will be operating 24/7/365

    • Camille Paglia called introducing LBGT whatever issues to children, “child abuse.” She also said any culture that does not celebrate heroic masculinity is in decline.

  7. So Nat Geo how many of the 200 million in the USA currently freezing will be convinced by such prognostications?

    P.S. Polar bears do not require the ice to survive! They use this niche survival tactic because there is less competition for food and resources there.
    Polar bears can live on land they just have to fight the competition more to survive. Or maybe Nat Geo has never heard of polar bears breeding programs in zoos. see

  8. That’s exactly why it keeps happening. Beyond absurd. Why are they incapable of learning? It’s happened umpteen times and they just show the file photo of that one diseased emaciated polar bear over and over. Why are they the only people in the United States that don’t venture outside? Now this weather makes perfect sense. Totally unbelievable.

  9. Actually, both the National Geographic AND all of you are basically correct. Both the Antarctic and Arctic are warming up beneath vast areas of ice sheets as volcanic activity picks up. This is happening perhaps as a result of the magnetic poles rapidly swapping at a rate of 10 km per year. This (the volcanic activity) is also a real solid fact. Sometimes it pays to listen and reinterpret the other points of view at the same time you speak!

  10. Knowing what we know about the history of Global Temps, we know that it is dishonest to pretend that anyone can predict with any accuracy the climate conditions of varying segments of specific Futures.. Big Mamma Nature don’t play that silly game… As we’ve all witnessed, all the climate prognostications of even short term climate calamities which have been forged upon the world by Global Warming Snake Oil Charlatans have fallen flat on their faces.. In other words, whenever someone says what the climate situation shall be by year such-and-such, you say, “No. Sorry. That’s pure unadulterated Baloney!” … They say, “But Long Range Computer Models?”.. You say, “That’s impossible!.. They’re Baloney also!”

  11. Scroll down to the graphic of Sea Ice Extent and their predictions. Note that the chart shows very little variation in sea ice Extent between 1920 and 1979, and there LINEAR projection of diminishing sea ice Extent to 2050. This is not science but a farce and pseudoscience.

  12. The some “science” magazines have become like “newspapers”, “newspapers are there to sell newspapers”.

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