CAGW is just an insubstantial house of cards

The lack of any more than a tiny handful of honest media workers is quite puzzling.


CAGW is just an insubstantial house of cards

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The motives and thought processes of so many journalists and other commentators is extremely important, since these people are responsible for disseminating the notion that Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) is a legitimate proposal.

In fact, my belief is that the CAGW deception would not have been possible at all without the collaboration of the media.

And what amazes me is that some 90% of journalists accept CAGW with no apparent hint of the desire for truth that once drove what they used to call ‘investigative journalism’. We no longer see ‘crusading newspapers’ uncovering falsehoods and marshalling public opinion against corruption such as the Global Warming deceit.

The research data are there for all to see, and even superficial probing would soon show any competent journalist that CAGW is just an insubstantial house of cards. But the probing never happens.

I think cowardice explains a lot of it. Just as the German people allowed Nazism to flourish because to oppose it meant almost certain death, today’s journalists allow CAGW to flourish because to oppose it publicly means almost certain ‘career death’.

But the lack of any more than a tiny handful of honest media workers is quite puzzling. Why aren’t the CEOs of CNN and the BBC standing against the lies?

Maybe there is something in the water or maybe their children are being held hostage!

I write brief essays to as many of my friends and family as I can get away with, containing nothing but climate facts which refute the CAGW meme.

I have to do it gently because most people I know are also taken in by the propaganda and imagine people like me are either slightly insane or “in the pay of Big Oil”.

I’ve also recently joined ‘The Saltbush Club’ here in Australia – a grass roots political group opposed to CAGW non-science.

I advise everyone to do likewise in their own countries if they get the chance.

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  1. Assume it will getting colder worldwide, it will be claimed that their efforts was succesfully cause without it, it would have been warmer.
    People are scared of being killed by pollution especially women, that’s why they support the CAGW, not the ‘climate’. Almost everyone does not know in what way climate is defined, so don’t expect getting founded answers or replies. Kids are indoctrinated from the very beginning that polluting the environment will change the climate. Yes, destroying woods wolrdwide will have an effect but in what way?

  2. Quote:
    But the lack of any more than a tiny handful of honest media workers is quite puzzling. Why aren’t the CEOs of CNN and the BBC standing against the lies?
    Because in the latter case the BBC to a Man is part of the Green Lefts campaign towards Globalisation and Resource Management espoused by the now far left UN.
    Green socialism, which is alive and well in the propaganda media company called the BBC has spent the last 40 years taking over parts of the Wests education system particularly around the area of climate and anti-hydrocarbon energy production, anti-technology politics harking back to a Golden Age on man living in harmony with nature.
    The only time man is in harmony with nature is when he is being eaten alive by a predator. Stone Age man, and that’s where they want to return us to, had a very hard short miserable life usually falling to a predator, or cast out to die when no longer fit to survive.

  3. This is a global conspiracy. Not only does the MSM ignore the facts, so does every government except Trump’s. I can see Russia and China wanting us to de-industrialize, cripple ourselves. But what about all the other ones? Moreover, since the next little ice age has begun, and some among them must know this, the walls are closing in on them – in 5 years it will not be possible to even fake more warming. This will make them desperate. What will they do then?

  4. Why aren’t the BBC standing up against the lies? Obviously because they are devoted to left wing causes and have signed up to only present the alarmist global warming case unchallenged. They long ago gave up their legally required impartiality – they are allowed to impose a tax on watching tv broadcasts from any source backed up by it being a criminal offence.

    I am not sure cowardice is the reason. Costcutting might be, hence the lack of research of any kind. Brexit has clearly shown up the media’s inability to do their job and clearly shown how they indulge in personality reporting as opposed to research. they report ‘he says she says’ style without taking the time to see that one of them is talking complete rubbish that is not worthy of printing or broadcast. They haven’t read a primary source document in their lives, even though the internet has made everything easy to find.

  5. The answer to your question is as simple as it is troubling. In short, one group controls Western education, press and government. Their goal is the destroy 100s of years of Western culture and, from the ashes, create a new one world government.

  6. They are marching under orders of the Globalist hierarchy, whose tentacles reach into the MSM, our government, and everywhere else. Ferch

  7. The BBC continue to push their global warming agenda on a regular basis stating that global temperatures continue to rise and giving out all the usual false information. The sad thing is there is now no right wing alternative news channels to watch in the UK only the left wing bias of Sky and the BBC. I used to watch Fox News but they made sure that this is not available to the UK using the excuse of ‘low viewer numbers’ which is totally ridiculous.

  8. Big Oil has also been benefiting from the scam too and actively promoting it! But that doesnt get past the extreeme bias and ignorance of the MSM reporters, most of whom have barely passed basic schooling. The ones here (inAus) seem pretty clueless, just parrots of the official line told to them by their bosses.

  9. Russia actively encourages the CAGW myth because their economy desperately needs the income from their gas sales to Western Europe. China goes along with it because it manufactures almost all solar panels and most windmills. Tinpot countries like it because they see money coming from rich nations via the UN. The insurance industry has used CAGW to increase reserves and profits. The major professions and big business all see money in it. This is a $1.5 Trillion industry now. It was thought that nothing would stop tulip bulbs increasing in value in the early 17th Century but the weather did in the middle of the Maunder Minimum. The same will happen to the CAGW craze and probably fairly soon.

  10. Since the time of Alexander, one group or another, one mad man or another has sought through force of arms or political action the subjugation of all mankind.
    Nothing has changed. Only the modus operandi has. Statements to the contrary ignore history.

  11. Part of the reason is most journalist became that because they could not get through science and math courses in college. They have about as much technical knowledge as a squirrel in the park.
    Another reason is their News editors tell them to hype AGW and it makes for an exciting story that checks off all their political fantasies. ” Big Oil is secretly destroying the world with CO2 for their own profit and the brave socialist environmentalist is fighting to save the world aided by their favorite far left politician”. All they have to do is live in their fantasy world and write fiction.

  12. In the macro view, as noted, it is an organized political takeover.

    In the micro view, it is the couple of dozen key Editor In Chief positions that sets the agenda. Control them, you control the narrative.

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