Calgary – Longest longest streak of below <20C since 1932-33

Longest run in more than 80 years.

Yesterday was #Calgary‘s 216th consecutive day with maximum temperature <20°C which makes this the longest run in more than 80 years, since May 12th, 1933. #YycWx


Thanks to Lance Appleby for this link

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  1. 1932-33 the solar minimum between SC16 and 17, part of the low UV output cycles of the Gleissberg period 1880 to 1940v and SC12 to 16, a period which set the world’s temperature records for both heat and cold which still are valid to day.
    Cool Sun periods like the tepid Gleissberg period generate Meridional Jet Stream conditions and are more likely to block weather into fixed regions. Particularly, during each of the minimum periods between cycles due to the large, long lasting, Coronial holes in the equatorial region of the Sun atmosphere which rotates in place with the 28 day rotation of the Sun. Each rotation takes 3 days to pass though the current orbital position of the Earth providing the energy for those Sudden Atmospheric Warming events causing warmth in summer and freezing cold in winter.

  2. Yep. It’s been a late and cool spring and it doesn’t look like it will get better for 2 more weeks.

    Forecast is for it being wet and cool so we should shatter that record. We are 3 days shy of the 1930’s stretch so it looks like we make history this month.

    There is also some snow forecast but it will melt on landing or not last long.

    Glad I listened to the curator of this fine site and built a greenhouse. Things are going great inside it.

  3. Dang. I just checked last week’s weather and April 29th was 20 C. So much for shattering the record. We tied it.

  4. But what will happen this summer and fall? Not as far south as Calgary, but in the far north, on Baffin Island and on the Ungava Peninsula in Northern Quebec? Will this winter’s snow all melt, or will snowfields remain until next winter? Satellite images would be helpful here.

  5. The North Atlantic will continue to be warmed by the ”Ocean Conveyor” or locally, the Gulf Stream. So Arctic melt will continue for some time yet.
    However, when that stops, the change will be sudden, and drastic.
    In the Antarctic, contrary to GW propaganda reports, the ice is advancing, even in summer. In fact, a group of penguins were stranded several miles from the sea, by a rapid advance of ice, in summer. Another report, was that a group of scientists, who had charted a ship, to photograph the ”retreating ice,” were trapped in rapidly advancing ice, again in summer. Two Ice breakers attended to break them free, but one of those also became trapped. The crews and passengers had to be rescued by helicopter.
    Global warming? I wish!

    • Yep. Except for one day, April 29th, we would have shattered the record by 3 weeks as it is nowhere near 20 until late May in the forecasts.

  6. Take a poll in Calgary… the consensus would still say it’s just Global Warming Climate Change, wash your hands, stay 2m apart, guns are bad, we’re all in this together and the gub’mint has our six on all fronts. Conformity is our strength.

  7. No drilling… not even pumping… in world that runs on hydrocarbons… “now if we do a really good job reducing at least one component on the right of the equation”.. as Gates would say.

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