Calgary a Winter Wonderland – in May

The spring snowstorm forced Calgary, Alberta, city officials to cancel the 47th annual pathway and river cleanup event, which had been scheduled for Sunday morning. Approximately 2,900 volunteers had been set to pick up garbage along 200 kilometres (120 miles) of pathway, the river’s edge, and in city parks.

The event has been moved to May 25th.

People took to Twitter to post pictures of snow-covered backyards and branches sagging under the weight of the white stuff, including a few shots of fallen trees on top of vehicles.

The snow also created challenging driving conditions, with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police warning against travel on Highway 1 (the major cross-Canada highway) due to limited visibility. Highway 1 in the Golden, B.C., area was closed for avalanche control.

 Still more snow to come

“It will snow on and off for the next few days,” said Heather Smith, a meteorologist with the weather agency.

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    • If there’s another up-slope rain maker, then it’ll be a repeat. If last year’s storm was a normal west to east flow, then there may have been localized minor flooding but it would’ve been just another rain storm. But having it flow east to west and keep piling up against the mountains is what made that storm dump so much rain.

  1. Lingering wintry conditions and late snow storms all across the Northern Hemisphere. Reports of unusually early snows and cold in Argentina and Australia. Solar activity such as sunspots much diminished.

    Meanwhile, 0bama says that the global warming “science is settled.” I think he’s right but the answer is just the opposite of what he and all the warmists believe.

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