California freeway closed for two days due to snow

Another 10 feet of snow was expected.

I-80 reopened through the Sierra on Wednesday afternoon after being closed for two days amid a powerful storm that dumped several feet of snow on mountain passes.

Although the highway reopened,  drivers were required to use chains and stay under 30 mph.

With up to 10 feet of snow expected above 7,000 feet and 7 feet at the Lake Tahoe level (6,000 ft), a blizzard warning was to remain in effect through Thursday.

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“Life in the mountains!” says Tom.

5 thoughts on “California freeway closed for two days due to snow”

  1. I love California mountains! Gorgeous country… I lived for 3+ years in Alpine, CA about 35 miles east of San Diego. The town was surrounded on three sides by the Cleveland National Forest (which was bushes, not trees BTW). When you got to the east or south side of town it was like the end of civilization as we know it!

    Loved living in Alpine but got scared and left after the Cedar fire… which destroyed 1/3 of the town (and elsewhere killed a total of 16 people and destroyed almost 4000 homes). I was evacuated for a week and had to drive out to safety on a switchback mountain (very curvy road) with no guardrails and when I got to the bottom… there was another fire headed right toward me.

    That was just a day after I got back from a vacation where I drove up 395 to the Bishop and the Mammouth/Mono Lake area… a most memorable trip. So Tom, you wouldn’t happen to be “The” Tom, of Tom’s Place would you?

  2. bet they didnt clean the silt out of reservoirs while they had ample time to do so
    idiots here didnt scrape n deepen our long dry lake
    its filled a bit, but would have been far better for work done when it was a dry weedfilled dustbowl for close to 6 years

  3. Drought is over in Northern California. The worry now is not enough water storage capacity in the reservoirs. Another torrential rainstorm is expected this week. The problem is the reservoirs are so full there isn’t enough room for flood control. We received 60% of the annual rainfall in a week.

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